2014 Acura RLX

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2014 Acura RLX is a brand new car from Acura, which was published in 2014. We also check on pricing, interior and engine of 2014 Acura RLX. Top shelf Acura sedan is all new for 2014, and during his career as a performance luxury sedan and the flagship product technology has not changed its name: to RLX. Moreover, a new hybrid system, special torque-vectoring all-wheel drive and all wheel steering this sedan higher push-up in the list of luxury shoppers “, while a more spacious cabin interior must live luxurious comfort up to the expectations more than ever .

2014 Acura RLX ,  the USA dealers should come in the first half of 2014, design theme is pretty close to the direction and details of the thinly veiled RLX concept from 2012 New York Auto Show. “Keen Edge ‘is front and Headlights Acura keynoted the “Jewel Eye ‘LED has two rows of framed, with ultra-reflective optical lenses, which should be another day or night.

Visually, RLX production from all these “concept” in April 2012 differs shown at the New York Auto Show. In fact, everything seems to have changed the wheels and fascia. once controversial power plenum grille remains, but is executed far more elegant than previous versions. His neighbor on each side is a concept LED headlight. Synchronized Jewel Eye and Acura, this offer not only a unique (perhaps insectoid) Search for RLX, but also is said to improve the lighting. visible features in the background is his contract esque taillights and hidden exhausted, so that Acura looks to clean fascia.

2014 Acura RLX prices we can not get accurate information. If you want to know the price of 2014 Acura RLX, follow the progress on our blog. We will inform you about the price of this car as soon as possible loyal readers of our blog.

2014 Acura RLX Interior

RLX interior provides high-quality, soft-touch materials throughout, with tasteful application of high quality steel and wood grain accents. stitched leather instrument panel, center console and steering wheel with perforated Milano leather seats available, contact., a new level of manufacturing and complaint refined luxury sedan in Acura on line

Standard 10 speaker ELS ® audio system with HD Radio ™, XM Radio, Pandora ® port, USB port, AUX socket and. RLX Technologies bag is equipped with 14 speaker Acura / ELS ® audio system, premium studio. Audio Krell class and advance received monthly premium ultra-Krell system that sets a new benchmark for high-fidelity sound in a luxury car.

After teasing us with thinly veiled concept earlier this year, Acura has officially taken the wraps off its all new flagship sedan 2014 Acura RLX. In addition to his big step forward in terms of styling and luxury the new RLX may be the highest ever Acura model. While previous RL sedans may be one of the mildest luxury of its time, RLX builds delicate notes introduced this year on ILX and RDX. One of the things the right car is a gem eyeing LED headlights, which could end up with a more diversified rival Audi in business. Looking at the back of the car is not as exclusive as before, but no less interesting and LED tail lights, which have little strange vibe BMW, reflectors, chrome-ringed under the dashboard. The interior is exactly what we have come to expect from Acura and a dual-panel brow tool and a sporty three-spoke steering wheel.

RLX follows “Aero fused” exterior design theme, with its wide stance and sporty, upswept sharp bodylines, dirty aerodynamic and distinctive new Jewel Eye ™ LED headlights coming down the road offering improved. RLX is elegant in the body and many other aerodynamic properties leads to a better aerodynamics at the level of class. 18x8J seven-spoke alloy wheels with 245/45 R18 tires, air conditioning are standard, while Technology and Advance classroom Krell 19x8J function wheels and 245/40 R19 tires. RLX Alloy wheels also noise reduction design, road noise for a wide range of acoustic decibels reduced cycle 7.

2014 Acura RLX Engine

Models with a system of monthly sports hybrid would be better to do in the lineup, not only from the perspective of performance, but with a green. You get a new triple electric motor hybrid system with lithium-ion battery, with the 3.5-liter V-6 and two electric motors power the rear wheels, this latest version of Acura SH-AWD (all-wheel) system. These models should be proud anticipated EPA fuel economy rating of 30 miles per gallon city and 30 mpg highway with numbers.

2014 Acura RLX Release Date

RLX 2014 by a completely new 3.5-liter direct-injection injected SOHC i-VTEC ® V-6 engine with Variable Cylinder Management operated. Rated for 310 hp and 272 lb.ft. Torque the engine delivers outstanding driveability, with more than 90 percent of its peak torque from 2000 rpm to 6600 rpm produced. Variable Cylinder Management ™ and power 3-cylinder and 6-cylinder working in concert with VTEC valvetrain offer excellent cruise efficiency. The engine is mounted front subframe with vibrations demolition of Active Control Engine Mount (ACM) with a rigid lightweight aluminum design.


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