2014 BMW M3

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2014 BMW M3  – The 2014 BMW M3 were tested in 2014, but its body is a complete change in appearance, but the details or the regular edition is different and now a group of about 2014 BMW M3 and makes exposure and appearance seems to embody the spirit of movement of the image M, such that the mold remains uncertain. This whole concept 2014 BMW M3 on the new set-3 based can be modified and combined with M3 model appears before the assembly in the vicinity of the actual vehicle speed. However, he said that more attractive than the representations, it is likely that the development of in-line six cylinder replace the new V6 twin-turbo BMW. This prototype sports car M3 supply brand on the hood, while the family of ring-shaped headlights BMW is clearly visible under his black belt. We also see that the new design voltage drops, revealing appearance, noted that in the last row M6, but with his own style. Looking closely at the front fenders, it also seems that BMW engineers have an open door to vent vertical flange on the front.

Find BMW to reduce weight as much as possible, too and the word is that the next M3 could under £ 3300, falling about 209 pounds lighter than the current 335i sedan. Estimates of the expected performance of the car M Division turbo six 400-450 hp, with design features, the six-cylinder BMW. If you find that two or three turbos completely new, rather than an updated version of the N54/N55 in the range of 3-series in the works. The movement should be about 3.0 liters. RWD standard deviation but with a torque vectoring system, forces are distributed on both sides of the rear axle as required. A similar device is the latest BMW M5 2013th An M-DCT dual-clutch gearbox seven-speed gearboxes are fitted also included, but six-speed manual is standard fare. Another option is the carbon-ceramic brakes.

The second way-Bi-Turbo-V is in the engine compartment. “BMW unique approach allows reducing the length of the inlet duct ordinary turbo V-configuration for improved engine response and heat generation to minimize the air through the heat exchanger. No motor M6 is a modified version of the twin-turbo V8 M5 and being, which is a it is a 3.3-liter, but a new 3.0-liter. energy to 429 hp and 405 lb-ft of moving parts, but to increase the efficiency of cars has increased.

2014 BMW M3 Sedan

We hope that by 2014, the end of next year, with the coupe and convertible, with a release date in the summer of 2014 BMW M3 curve. Priced we dare say, $ 65,000 to start. The current M3 starts at $ 60100.


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