2014 Citroen DS4

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2014 Citroen DS4 – Citroen has actually unveiled initial details of the new 2014 Citroen DS4, the combination of different and exciting ideas, exclusivity change and change. DS4 is a different design from the usual style of 2014 Citroen DS4. DS4 offers a seductive mix of high end design and numerical methods for auto bold style, with an emphasis on meeting management and advanced automotive style. DS4 is a design with a lot of potential, any plan to deal with a range of needs of owners, while maintaining the charm and vitality of management experience. DS4 incorporates elegance and class with a strong body, creates great comfort and everyday practices in building compact 4.27 m, 1.81 m and 1.53 m.DS4 has a new “driving” Experience is the best leadership conference and incredible agility while driving exploitation. It’s a little high and taut lines, DS4 is a large and attractive place. Finely made contact life are known inside and out, 2014 precise information DS4supplies carefully hand used Citroen brand chrome upper deck seats as the best high quality natural leather. attract large windshield, which provides excellent exposure of the population, said the driver is focused, develop a bright and welcoming.

2014 Citroen DS4 connecting two-door coupe style with two 2014 Citroen DS4provides practices actually three seats in the back and access doors with hidden handles that are seamlessly integrated into the transmission lines of the constitution. DS4 also benefits from a large 370 liter boot and a large amount of storage space for creative solutions. DS4 includes a choice of five engines of both HDI diesel engine with 3 excellent and reliable engine gasoline. All engines deliver a combination of performance and efficiency Citroen DS4 2014 200hp fuel system and eco-friendly vehicles. Contact the HDI and emerging as the provision of better economy and reduce exhaust gas CO2. model building very artistic, very DS4 incorporates a combination of references most desirable style to attract new proposal for car products. Marc Pinson, DS4 great design, said: “interpret the emerging possibilities opened indices, supply and resource efficiency and unexpectedly moving car.”

Compact and muscular, bell striking loaded DS LED sign across the front. All LEDs illuminate continuously. Interesting profile, chrome around the windows of his house with dark tinted life, increase muscular wheel arches that emphasize the large wheels. Topped with a roof to cover the creation of a large rear spoiler down with extreme force in his rear bumper chrome finish and horizontal taillights details are accentuated by Vanguard Boomerang design.

If you are outside cabin 2014 Citroen DS4 respected protective energy, change and improve. driving position is enveloping surround and chrome spheres directly to the line examination driver-oriented cockpit. personality, the sculpted panel uses high quality products for better tactile feel. Cabin DS4 is controlled by the large panoramic windscreen that extends back to the ceiling. And up to 45 degrees to the comments, the site incorporates a panoramic glass with a little high 2014 Citroen DS4, optimized to forward to the driver and the atmosphere of the cabin bright and welcoming, spacious for passengers. Allow owners to adjust style, DS4 is offered in choice of five leather combinations, also two-tone options. The main models are ready to control panel first class leather and door panels in general and “pendant” part of the design, evoking hyperlink bracelets.

2014 Citroen DS4

2014 Citroen DS4

For an extra touch of luxury, there is chrome detail on the circumstances of the air vent, instrument panel, console accessories and parts center. Lightweight aluminum pedals, embossed natural leather handles ambient light is evidence of careful DS4 specific basis. ideas advanced, agile and muscular, DS4 is tuned for dynamic efficiency, attractive and experienced drivers SEO. “We hear that drivers are on the road thinking fingers”. 2014 Citroen DS4 exercises duplicate command, what homeowners in promoting a sense of safety in all situations. With a collection of pseudo McPherson type front suspension, rear beam torsional and hydraulic steering with an electric pump, the 2014 Citroen DS4 system is a proven drug development adapted to the type of vehicle.


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