2014 Dacia Logan

December 6th, 2013 · 0 Comments · Dacia

2014 Dacia Logan – Dacia, the Romanian manufacturer launched the second generation of Logan in 2013 Geneva Motor Show to life. It`s all been looking forward to what Dacia submits something touches the audience and prove Dacia. The Dacia Logan 2014 brought large audience at the booth. The conference began in the early morning, the enthusiastic crowd from, to see the presentation. This spacious estate is for those who determines a comfortable, practical and spacious car that comes with an attractive design and modern features. The 2014 Dacia Logan with an attractive design that provides the best in class cargo capacity, measuring 573 liters of cargo space with the rear seat folded and if the space can be increased to 1518 liters. It also has of 4.49 meters long and objects can be up to 2.7 meters. This is really interpreted his name as Max vehicle  capacity. The interior also features 16 liters of storage above the front door on top of the dashboard.

A new realization of the center console is located in 2014 Dacia Logan. The Logan is the new center console inside. There is a center console that is placed on it. Angular and air based information and entertainment system R touchscreen Dacia link connects. These are incorporated by the console. The air outlet and the touch screen installed to make it easier to help control. The rest of the interior was brought by the Dacia Logan. We will notice the Dacia Logan looks at interior design. 2014 Dacia Logan is offered throughout Europe. We all can get the countries of Europe. Europe is the Hauptzielgruppefür this car. The Logan is sold with two four cylinder engines. These motors are offered only in Brazil. Other countries have different offer. These engines are 1.0 liter, 77 hp and 1.6liter makes 98 horsepower, which generates outdated. These are the best rated motor. The power of this car on the power.

2014 Dacia Logan runs on gasoline and ethanol from corn. These are the motor skills. We have these two options for the car is running. These engines deliver power to the front wheels via the 5  speed manual transmission. Power is sent manually to the transfer. The speed is strong enough to transmit the necessary energy. Production of 2014 Dacia Logan is scheduled to launch a month later. It will be produced starting next month. Dacia Logan is to start production in such a short time. The sale will be after launch. When production of the Dacia Logan is already running, then the sale is on. It will not take long to make the sale, after watching the first production.

2014 Dacia Logan

2014 Dacia Logan

It will be sold in selected countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. There are some countries, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America, which will be distributed this car. Are not available for all countries. But countries because of those who are good enough to be a market for this car selected. But no program Dacia adds the sedan in the catalog in Europe. We are not to be found in Europe. There will be no further Catalog 2014 Dacia Logan sedan there. New Logan with an attractive design and a market leader in its class, the ability to boot measuring 573 liters with rear seats and 1,518 liters folded with them  load and generous dimensions 4.49 m long, 430 mm, provide that New Sandero, with the ability to perform object up to 2.7 m long. For example, a vehicle with high capacity, true to its name, with a flexible and spacious interior, all car prices in town.


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