2014 Jeep Liberty

March 10th, 2014 · 0 Comments · Jeep

2014 Jeep Liberty – A mule for the following Gen 2014 Jeep Liberty discovered testing wearing an Alfa Romeo Giulietta shell. The conservative SUV supplanting for the adored Jeep Cherokee, the Liberty touched base in 2002 and was redone for 2008. Notwithstanding Jeep’s earnest attempts, the Liberty never truly satisfied the Cherokee’s notoriety for rough straightforwardness and suburban chic. Over the previous year, Jeep has been teasing the world with promptly test donkeys of an extremely intriguing looking rendition of the 2014 Jeep Liberty. These donkeys were wearing an Alfa Romeo Giuilietta form lifted up to permit freedom for four-wheel drive and the Jeep’s enormous tires.

While we realized that this new Liberty might be based off of the little Alfa, we likewise knew there was no chance the U.s. business sector might get the AMC Eagle-like figure. Also, these new spy shots of the 2014 Liberty hybrid demonstrate it. The extent that the outer surface is concerned, the new Liberty is business obviously with a slatted, upright grille, squared-off wells and a foot shaped impression that is marginally bigger than its antecedent. The major ordeal here is the headlights. Inclined openings LED? Reinstate the boxy lights on past Jeeps and show the level of inclusion that Fiat/Alfa has had in this auto’s advancement.

Within, the 2014 Jeep Liberty receives a pantheon of redesigns including Chrysler’s most recent 8.4-inch Uconnect framework to route and the three-handle audio/dual-zone atmosphere control unit from the 2014 Dodge Dart. Likewise with the Dart, we’re needing the CD player and extra USB inputs to well in the focal point comfort. This completely stacked model additionally shows controls for park support, path takeoff cautioning, crash alarm and what looks to be a catch far left for a stopping toward oneself framework a first for Jeep. This 2014 Liberty additionally incorporates another adaptation of Jeep’s Selec-Terrain drive control handle found on the Grand Cherokee. Similarly, as with the GC, there are alternatives for Auto, Snow, Sport and Sand. Not at all like the greater Jeep, on the other hand, there is no setting for Rock, which might show the nonattendance of a stature customizable suspension.

2014 Jeep Liberty Spy shots

The point when Jeep Liberty processing ended in August of 2014, it had a collectible 210-torque 3.7-liter V6. The point when the 2014 Jeep Liberty is discharged at some point in 2014, anticipate that it will accompany a scaled-down adaptation of Chrysler’s 3.6-liter Pentastar V6, most likely in the extent of 3.2-3.3-liters. A base four-barrel, conceivably the 1.4-liter turbo from the Dart, is additionally on the table.


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