2014 Koenigsegg One

February 25th, 2014 · 0 Comments · Koenigsegg

2014 Koenigsegg One – According to the latest official confirmation that the 2014 Koenigsegg One is expected to be published in the upcoming Geneva Motor Show 2014 Koenigsegg has just released the first of its world beating ultra car published amazing! So far we have only seen 2014 Koenigsegg One car dealerships speculative. However, this is the first official image of the Koenigsegg One, we have as we expected, with some really amazing changes Koenigsegg Agera R in comparison to the Agera models S and the Swedish manufacturer is currently producing.

The most dramatic aerodynamic visible change in this shot rear three-quarters is the massive rear spoiler, not really connected to the trunk lid of the car as usual, and instead relies on two massive fins from the roof downwards. This led inevitably add an incredible amount of downforce and speed increase massive rear spoiler, creating a whole lot of drag. As a result, it will be interesting to see how the expected Koenigsegg reaches top speed in the region of 450 kmh.

The 2014 Koenigsegg One the name of their relationship 12 59 weight and V8 engine power of 1340 hp and 1340 kg from. Christian von 2014 Koenigsegg One adds that weight of 1400 kg 1, all water, oil and fuel, and according to Christian von Koenigsegg even includes the weight of an average sized driver that figure. But even more impressive than the amazing power to weight ratio is the new aerodynamic design and the renovation of the Koenigsegg One a comparison with the Koenigsegg Agera R. In addition to more than 450 km / h top speed, the Koenigsegg One a promise, new records for the 0-200 kmh, set to 0 300 kmh and 0-400 kmh sprint. As for the acceleration from 0 to 400 kmh, believe that Koenigsegg engineers can be performed in about 20 seconds.

” More to be revealed later,” Koenigsegg farewell. In this case, “more” probably means 0-62 mph, maximum speed, of course the speed of the inner evacuation of the accelerator. It has a big fight on his hand, also, what do annoying with the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 0-62 mph dash in 2.5 seconds 0-124 mph in 6.7 seconds and a maximum speed of 258 miles per hour ( limited in order to protect the tires can it really 268 hours miles). Buzz is also the Venom GT 265 hours miles on the airwaves, too.

2014 Koenigsegg One 1


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