2014 Lamborghini Egoista

March 6th, 2014 · 0 Comments · Lamborghini

2014 Lamborghini Egoista – Lamborghini is known for its beautiful fancy cars, to celebrate their 50th Birthday has really kicked things up a gear.Or five. The introduction of the Lamborghini Selfish A megacar 600 hp in a housing made of aluminum and carbon fiber, the out of place would not be wound on the drawing board military top secret.

Emerged over the weekend, the first images and details of a new brand 2014 Lamborghini Egoista concept Lamborghini Egoista. We now have all the official details on the concept, which was under the name of Selfish and as a tribute to the 50th Anniversary of Lamborghini by a team led by Volkswagen Group Design Chief Walter de Silva led goes developed.The name of the concept, which is Spanish for selfish has applied due to the development of a single seat. But instead represents a potential for single-seater racing, the design was selected to his driver to express the possibility of their individual personality to the fullest.This is a car made for one person, De Silva said at the presentation of the 50th Egoista Lamborghini driving Lamborghini Large Giro, which took place in Italy in the last week.

The Italian designer also uses the word Never Never Land in the description of the car. While 2014 Lamborghini Egoista is a pure concept, Lamborghini has in the past that has never built a concept, without the said order of production. But that is a gift from Lamborghini itself, so I doubt that will be sold to the highest bidder. An interesting 2014 Lamborghini Egoista technology that we see in the future, however. Namely, lightweight, new design language version and a 441 kW 5.2-liter V 10 engine of the Gallardo. The materials used in the construction are aluminum and carbon fiber.

2014 Lamborghini Egoista Top speed

The top of the 2014 Lamborghini Egoista also in the body active fins that move built on the driving conditions on the base, so that a balance between the friction and the downward force. Two rear fins will increase automatically at high speeds to ensure the stability, activate during a series of aerial photographs on the back of the hood provides cooling air flow to the engine V 10th New features on the Gallardo successor, perhaps?The inspiration for the design concept came from an Apache helicopter whose designation cabin design was borrowed for the Lamborghini Egoista. The profile, meanwhile, is a bull with his head down and horns pointing forward set.



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