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2014 Lotus F1 – This rundown shows which 2014 Lotus F1 groups and drivers have been affirmed for 2014.Where a driver had not been affirmed the inhabitant of the seat for 2014 Lotus F1 . Where a group has at one time advertised a driver has an agreement with them for the year this is checked “has contract”. On the other hand it is not curious for contracts to be liable to conditions which can allow them to be broken.In a change for 2014, every driver will pick which numbers they will utilization. Those numbers are recorded where they have been affirmed.Stay a la mode on the 2014 Lotus F1 driver line-up with F1 Fanatic.Lotus had made no mystery of its plan to miss the first preseason test so as to guarantee that its new 2014 Lotus F1 might be primed for activity in Bahrain one month from now, however that completed not prevent the group from issuing a ‘prelaunch’ picture of the machine, which emphasizes a strikingly distinctive methodology to the new aeromechanic tenets.

Where the larger part of groups have settled on monstrous proboscis plans at the front of their 2014 Lotus F1 challengers, Lotus’ answer is more much the same as the antiquated tuning fork, parted in the center instead of looking more like a certain male limb. Maybe understanding that there may have been an elective, or stressed that the Enstone response may be more fruitful, there were murmurings about its legitimateness as adversaries set up in Spain, however Lotus specialized chief Nick Chester demands there is nothing untoward with the E22.

We have passed all the fundamental accident tests and we are extremely sure that our configuration conforms to all the FIA lawful prerequisites,” he told the group’s authority site, “We have barely taken an imaginative heading, and one that is diverse to alternate groups. Where there are such a large number of varieties in outline, there is dependably sure to be a little talk, yet we remain loose and focussed on our configuration and movement.In this way, just Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari by the way the main three in a year ago constructors title seem to have shied far from the clearly jutting nose, with the champions having discovered a deeper result and its primary opponents ceasing short totally, yet Chester demands that he is content with what his outline group have made.

As should be obvious, there are more than enough diverse results out there as we needed there might be with such a radical change of regulations, alluding to the wholesale changing of the 2014 rulebook. There seem, by all accounts, to be some rich results and others that unquestionably don’t look as pleasant, but we’re extremely content with the heading we have taken and it will be exceptionally intriguing to perceive how the autos perform once we get a legitimate opportunity to analyze them on track. In spite of the fact that early running at Jerez seems to have been constrained by teething inconveniences, manufacture issues and, for Mercedes’ situation, a mischance for Lewis Hamilton, Chester accepts there will at present be things that might be gained from keeping an eye on the four-day session in southern Spain.

It’s continually intriguing to see what results alternate groups have, Clearly, you can’t undoubtedly see under the skin of the autos where most of the configuration work happens yet its continually fascinating to see the different air bundling on alternate autos. We’ll take a gander at the distinctive bodywork choices they’re running and there’s dependably a couple of things to get on what they are seeking after. The 2014 Lotus F1 is meeting up really well now. The fabricate is overall propelled and we think we’ll be fit as a fiddle for Bahrain come the following test. Indeed as the spreads were falling off new autos all over the Jerez pitpath on Tuesday morning, a considerable measure of speak was about one of the outlines not even in Spain.


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