2014 Mercedes Cla

December 16th, 2013 · 0 Comments · Mercedes

2014 Mercedes Cla – Timing isn’t everything, however on account of the 2014 Mercedes Cla, its one more enormous strategic focal point. The organization’s first minimized four-entryway extravagance car -its first front-drive auto in America, ever the grippy and holding 2014 Mercedes Cla goes at a bargain this fall no less than a half-year before its German opponents can summon up an accurate four-entryway contender. Until then, the Cla lines up over the extravagance field from any semblance of the nice looking, supple and calm Buick Verano, and the good natured Acura Ilx, and with the more blazing Cla45 Amg adaptation, Bmw’s 1-Series. The Verano and Ilx have sub-$30,000 base stickers and heaps of extravagance characteristics as the most up to date Benz. Yet not, one or the other has anything like the eminence of the Mercedes emblem. The Bmw does, yet its M version is gone, on an inopportune time-out.

The 2014 Mercedes Cla is a scaled-down copy of the prettiest Mercedes marked down today, the Cls, and that is its greatest expert. It may be as short as a Civic, however its sumptuous profile and frameless glass counter the reduced auto blahs, and chip away outwardly at the front end’s tallness. The lively cockpit lifts its motivation from the Slk, not the C-Class, and the mixand-match tasteful works to a great degree well. That is, until you check the Lcd screen planted ponderously on the dash, rather than joined into the focal point stack.The 2014 Mercedes Cla 250’s drivetrain sets a 2.0-liter turbo four with 208 torque to a seven-speed, double grip transmission. It’s a consolidation with 0-60 times of and a 149-mph in its portfolio, underpinned with some grunty four-chamber clamors. The transmission needs to be in game or manual mode, for faster move reactions, however: even with oar controls, it gets found napping. Gas mileage amounts of 30 mpg joined are effortlessly reachable, however the accessible all-wheel-drive framework is certain to shave a mile for every gallon off those numbers.

2014 Mercedes Cla Class

The 2014 Mercedes Cla recasts that motor in bunch routes, from square to cylinders to turbocharger to its 26.1 psi of help. Yield shoots to 355 strength, 0-60 mph times succumb to 4.5 seconds, and top speed ascents to 155 mph. All-wheel drive is standard, and a reprogrammed double grip with three driving modes suits up to tackle the force a great deal more adequately than in the Cla 250. Not at all like any viable standard Mercedes before it, the Cla’s tightly tuned controlling and ride break from convention. The variable-exertion, variable-degree electric directing is full of weight and snappy to react, and to a great extent without sentiment. Two out of three is great, by electric-directing principles. The Cla’s free suspension gets a standard  game  setting in the U.s. what’s more likely uncommon 17-inch run-even tires, since 18-inch wheels will be a $500 alternative. With the 2014 Mercedes Cla 250 and 18-inch wheels, the exact firm ride and every so often bumping effects of French streets might trigger a test drive of the standard setup, provided that it were our cash.


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