2014 Mercedes E Class

January 4th, 2014 · 0 Comments · Mercedes

2014 Mercedes E Class – With new, productive motors, new support frameworks and another plan phrase, Mercedes-Benz has completely modernised the 2014 Mercedes E Class to augment its heading position in the extravagance fragment considerably further. In both the Saloon and Estate models no not exactly eleven new or optimised help frameworks from what’s to come S-Class praise their planet debut. They join an assemblage of solace and wellbeing characteristics, all of which Mercedes-Benz alludes to as  astute drive. They incorporate frameworks which despite anything that might have happened before can serve to forestall mishaps with intersection vehicles or walkers, dynamic Lane Keeping Assist which can serve to counteract mischances with approaching movement, or against glare nonstop high-shaft headlamps. All things considered 2014 Mercedes E Class is underscoring its heading position as a security pioneer.

The new 2014 Mercedes E Class makes a noteworthy venture forward in the matter of productivity and nature as well. This comes kindness of new, effective Bluedirect four-chamber petrol motors offering complex immediate infusion innovation. This effective improvement support is reflected to energizing impact in the configuration of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. With its new plan the E-Class epitomizes productivity, insights and passionate request in an outwardly unrivaled way. 2014 Mercedes E Class has changed the sum of the model arrangement of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class more extensively than at any other time, to make the most recent specialized developments accessible in practice at an early arrange. This is the reason it even makes development utilization of improvements from what’s to come S-Class. Furthermore, the new E-Class offers a respectably honed plan with a developed, tastefully energetic look, and additionally fundamentally improved solace, fantastic arrangements, effectiveness and driving delight. Subsequently, the E-Class is proceeding to solidify its heading position in the extravagance class.

2014 Mercedes Benz CLA

Consistent with Dr Joachim Schmidt, Board Member of Cars, answerable:  With the new E-Class we are setting down clear markers in the regions of wellbeing, plan and effectiveness. It carries heaps of specialized advancements to the street and is without mistrust the best 2014 Mercedes E Class ever. This is likewise reflected in its plan and affectionately overhauled inner part. Subsequently it carries a much needed refresher to the extravagance class. The  E  in this manner proceeds to stand for the heading position in this requesting fragment.


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