2014 Saab Cars

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2014 Saab Cars – Saab is officially building 2014 Saab Cars again. 9-3 Sedan production is pushed back in Trollhattan, Sweden, and it is said that the first example of thought on corporate Saab museum. The Swedish customers can also buy new 2014 Saab Cars. View instantly recogizable, the 2014 Saab Cars are virtually identical to 9-3 facelift, which was introduced in 2011. Controlled by Scania and Saab group Despite the similarities, so the 2014 Saab Cars model does not have the distinctive logos cock in the hood and the wheels.

Detailed performance specifications were not disclosed, but the company confirmed the model is a 2.0 -liter turbo engine, which have produced 220 hp 162 kW. It can be connected to a manual or automatic transmission.According to National Electric Vehicle Sweden Mattias President Bergman It’s really to start a complex mission, a production car for two and a half years sat. Is very nice that we are on a journey that we want, and we started to make a difference to make our partners and customers. This Saab car already at high continuous power can offer and the proven qualityEngine and performance data are now good, but has revealed the 2014 Saab 9-3 is a 162kW engine takes 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine driven.

Saab confirmed its new all-electric 2014 Saab Cars in the fall of Australia established in 2014 to life and initially focused on the Chinese market, the Chinese company Qingdao a part owner NEVs an order for 200 vehicles electrically.The production of the Saab 9-3 Aero in Trollhättan, Sweden started. This is great news for Saab customers and supporters worldwide. The popular model is back in a big way, like fun to drive as ever, and carries the legacy of innovation and forward Scandinavian design.First, our 2014 Saab Cars will be sold to customers in China and Sweden. However, over the period of the 2014 Saab Cars and other models are also available for customers in other markets.

2014 Saab Cars


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