2014 Tesla Model

February 21st, 2014 · 0 Comments · Tesla

2014 Tesla Model – Tesla Motors has presented a model of the 2014 Tesla Model, its third all-electric model behind the Roadster and the Model S vehicle. The seven-traveler 2014 Tesla Model X guarantees to be more flexible and family-accommodating than the Model S, and will twofold the measure of Tesla’s current U.s. lineup when it in the end goes on special at some point in 2014.  Recollect that the Roadster, being dependent upon the Lotus Elise, lost its elected wellbeing absolution and is never again being sold in the U.S.

Of course, depending upon a later teaser picture the 2014 Tesla Model looks a considerable measure like a Model S that has been extended vertically. Its grille, headlights, taillights, and general shapes are like the sedan’s. Indeed the two autos’ dashboards are almost indistinguishable, with the X is inheriting the ss titanic, 17-inch focal touch screen and reconfigurable measure bunch. On the other hand, the Model X has two key contrasts: a set of back  hawk wing  entryways and a forward-confronting third line of seats.  The Model S’s discretionary path back column comprises of a couple of back confronting bouncy seats entered through the seal. Tesla asserts this pair of upward-swinging entryways moves entrance and departure to both the second and third lines.

The X’s association with the Tesla’s vehicle is more than shallow. The two autos basically impart a stage, yet while the Model S is back driving-just, the X could be equipped with hybrid important all-wheel drive. Its standard drive arrangement reflects that of the S, with a solitary, back mounted electric engine driving the back wheels. An extra, front-mounted engine controls the front pivot on all-wheel-drive models. Likewise with other on-interest all-wheel-drive frameworks, the 2014 Tesla Model X’s identifies traction contrasts between the two axles and allots control appropriately. Like the S car, there will be a lively Performance model; it will be all-wheel-drive-just and is guaranteed to hit 60 mph in under five seconds.

2014 Tesla Model S Changes

2014 Tesla Model purchasers will have the capacity to pick between two electric storage device limits a 60-kwh pack is standard, and a 85-kwh unit is accessible. Tesla hasn’t discharged other specialized specifics yet, however, its protected to accept the X heavier and less aeromechanic than the S. This, in addition to the extra electric engine to all-wheel-drive models, likely will plot to give the X a shorter driving reach than the S. Tesla says the 2014 Tesla Model with the 60-kwh electric cell can fly out up to 230 miles on a solitary charge, or up to 300 with the beefier 85-kwh unit. The X’s extra pork may additionally illustrate why Tesla isn’t putting forth it with the Model S’s accessible more level limit, 40-kwh electric cell, which offers the car only 160 miles of motoring.


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