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Audi A4 – Audi S4 is the Hochleistungsvariantedes compact class car Audi A4. The original Audi S4, built from 1991 to 1994, was a performance-oriented Audi 100 sedan. All subsequent S4 since 1997 is based on the Audi A4 and as the A4 has has evolved from one generation, has the S4.A more powerful internal combustion engine, larger upgraded brakes, firmer suspension, larger wheels and distinctive plate, tennis style and emblems always amongst the many upgrades the S4 receives been his main 100 and A4 siblings. In markets in which it is provided even higher performance Audi RS4 is the S4 family seat A4 top-of -the-line.

Like its counterpart regular A4, S4 are all variants longitudinally oriented engine had before mounted. Single turbo 2.2 -liter inline five-cylinder powered the original C4 version and a 2.7 -liter twin-turbo V6 engine was found in the B5 generation. The B7 version a common 4.2 V8, the first time that a V8 engine placed in a compact executive car, placing them in direct competition with the BMW M3 which at the time had a 3, 2 L 6 line. The recently introduced B8 generation uses a 3.0-liter TFSI supercharged V6 and competes with the BMW 335i.All of the S4 transmission mounted immediately at the rear of the engine in a longitudinal orientation, in the form of a transmission and like all cars S from Audi, are standard with the quattro system available Audi wheel drive, with a system, the diff on Torsen centers.

All versions of the S4 are manufactured at the Audi plant in Ingolstadt, Germany, but who are, or have been the foundation was available as a four-door sedan and five seats and five doors five-seat Avant body styles model in 1991. A four-seater convertible S4 was introduced as part of the B6 and B7 A4 lineups generation. The B8 Cabriolet has now been out of the A5 coupe and body style variant  S is built marketed under the Audi S5 nameplate.In the A4, LED eyebrows work well, take a cool spread even bright light, but our cannon HID seems to run always left a little hot and high. As wild gone with the style of the new LED projectors, they receive a credit for those with just a little bit fancy curves keep things under control. Did you need the small LED String HID low beam in an inverted and slightly arched eyebrows to connect? Probably not, but that’s Audi, which was set in recent times for the stylish and discreet design the bar. What happens when the rest of the automotive world is to think of these things.

Audi A4 Convertible

Once these LED spot lights regularly in the automotive value chain, how long before designers start stringing their cars as Christmas trees ? We are likely to see the headlights illuminated trained logos, outlined bars tent style, or maybe an option to write your name in lights   Whoa  left  Trixie  at right. As LED technology advances, how long before we reached Lite Brite on wheels, with each corner of the car from a custom screen on the board if a Toyota, you need to use the car at the park, of course.


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