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Audi LogoAudi Logo in shelf unit German Horch, who worked for Karl Benz, founded his own self-organization A. Horch & Cie in 1899. A decade later, he was forced to set up their own organization and other organizations in a different city and with the Horch brand is maintained. His accomplices demanded earlier and significant Horch was forced to look for another name Audi logo.The point was listening with his accomplice Franz Fikent business in Pad Franz in conversation, the son of Franz invented the name Audi Logo

At this meeting, Franz ‘s son in America was considering quietly in a corner of the room. Audi Logo rarely seemed as if on the edge of saying something but would just swallow his statements and keep up to the expectations until finally blurted out to  Father audiatur et change the rules.In this Audi Werke GmbH was conceived in 1910. In 1932, four car makers Audi, Horch, DKW and Wanderer mixed vehicle for structuring Union. The Union of the vehicle logo four interlocking rings, which can be the Hourly Audi logo later, was used only in hectic Cars processing plants from four cars continued their names and images of transformation Audi Logo Design.

Audi Logo


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