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Audi Q5 – The Audi Q5 is the best selling model of the company after nearly lifted off aging A4 sales until May 2013. It is easy to see why this little truck is so popular. Good dynamic, fast engine, good cabin and a conservative style. The Q5 also includes some of the most beautiful Audi LED technology makes but that is not likely to move the needle on your own.The Q5 packs a few changes for 2014, but has been largely successful in new color options abroad, more horsepower base engine and additional security technology Optional been available on the package. Set. For the next Porsche Macan shore, almost everything about this $ 40,000 small SUV very impressive. The Audi is much more fun to drive than their closest competitors effectively developed when packing beautiful style Q7 search. Q5 compact size and decent fuel economy also to its rise in the charts at.

Both the Mercedes -Benz GLK 350 and the trace of the Q5 BMW X3 2013 sales of more than 3,000 units, respectively and the Q5 on track to more than 30,000 units in the U.S. move in 2013. So the car is a hit. There is more to the story.Although the line is set to Q5 with a performance model called USA SQ5 extend the basic package still consumes the majority of sales. There is little real need for a larger engine if the supercharged V-6 60 reached in just seconds.Harmon Automotive Systems technologies generate new updated Audi Multi Media Interface for the 2014 Audi Q5. The navigation, communication and entertainment with big screen. It will also generate a three-dimensional view of the alignment of the terrain and photorealistic depictions true to scale on key benchmarks. Features are included in this new system, USB storage media, radio and satellite quadband GSM mobile phone with integrated Bluetooth connectivity.

Audi Q5 Black

S line Package incorporates 20-inch wheels of the line S, front lamp washers, game controlling wheel with movement paddles, brushed aluminum trims, S line aluminum entryway ledges and a dark top. The Offroad outside bundle incorporates underbody security boards front and raise, on top of flared bumpers and ensuring entryway. A sensor framework advises the Esp if a top rack is mounted, which will cause the focal point of gravity being dislodged Q5 higher as per top stack up to 100 kg 220 pounds. Assuming that a rack is available, the Esp captivates prior in the taking care of cutoff. Without a top load, the driver is allowed to endeavor the dynamic potential of the Audi Q5. The 2014 Audi Q5 is equipped for towing up to 2.0 tons, the control framework standard rise plunge makes it protected to go down steep slants by managing the preselected speed when driving at under 30 km for every hour. The Q5 is additionally provided with a Trailer Stability Program intended to battle progressed any unwanted smoking a substantial trailer or train.


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