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January 10th, 2015 · 0 Comments · Audi

Audi R8 – Here is no doubt that the Audi development specialty is under intense pressure working on the next age group R8 mild motor sport was introduced seven years ago. But during the initially photos of the prototype Audi R8 was plotted successor for the new year 2014/2015 the rounds on the Internet this week and predictions about the possible engine and specifications are read ball glass, the tuning experts at B & B Automotive Technology from Siegen prefer to pursue a routine increase for the top model of the Audi R8 contemporary run, which was introduced last year.

Consequently, VW and Audi specialists offering the R8 V10, which already 550 hp and 540 Nm strong as standard, an increase in output into three levels power and torque increase to 595 hp and 560 Nm in the small step 1. The second stage of the rocket turns R8 with 610 hp and 570 Nm, while the final stage called BB R8 M20 / 3 sends the V10 free suction with its strong 628 hp and 585 Nm for the 7-speed S tronic dual clutch transmission. To demonstrate this power, changes in the ignition and injection and the intake ducts and pipes and the installation system itself racing exhaust in stainless steel Company also made B & B technicians and special air filter Carbon B & B. And, of course, fit the electronic engine control to new situations.

Thus equipped, the four-wheel drivers, who weighs about 1670 kg at 100 km / h in just 3.2 seconds is burned and is better than the magic 10 seconds sonar fence in 9.6 seconds at the 0 and 200 km / h Sprint the unofficial ticket  for admission to the club of high-quality sports cars. The top speed is impressive at 328 kmh.Depending on your go and range of use, the exhaust system B & B Free roaring devil V10 in the environment due to its system of control valves with remote control and can be strong or less unfiltered, depending on the application  your sound is adjustable in four steps.Absolutely perfect Audi R8 combines for highway driving racing suspension own company adjustable from -20 to -40 mm lowering  measured with alloy online casino wheels, 9 x 20 front and 11 × 20 inches, the rear and non-slip rubber rollers of the dimension 235/30R20 front and 305 / 25R20 rear.

Audi R8 Black

Of course, the Audi R8 Automotive high routine ceramic brakes also offers routine improvements in several stages, several improvements to the suspension and tire combinations / tire combinations in 19 and 20 inches and grinding equipment standard on the R8 V10 plus analogous to the smallest variations R8 family.Supercar manufacturers are a pleased bunch, after all, what they will report large sales growth in India. If we. A look into the past, about 5 years ago supercars were a weird thought in India Road conditions were terrible  they still are, but the Circuit in Greater Noida with a state of the art, companies are able to show the right potential of their quick machines. Today, you can buy any supercar of India  right to an Ariel Atom to a Bugatti Veyron , but can really on Indian roads they lead ? Audi says it is the market leader in the sports car segment with the TT, S4, RS5 and Audi R8 are doing well. The company has left no stone unturned to make our machines go quick roads.


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