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Audi TT – The Audi TT was only by two generations, but goes all the way back to 1994, when the first draft was finished. Later, he appeared at the 1995 Frankfurt Motor Show. In 1998 launched, the name comes from the British TT Isle of Man TT motorcycle race in the TT stands for Tourist Trophy. The TT name is sometimes also referred to technology and tradition of the company is established. The second generation model MK2 was launched in 2006 to life and is known internally as the Type 8J. All Audi TT units have been sold so far been manufactured by Audi Hungaria, the plant body from the top of the German car manufacturer in Ingolstadt. Did you drive the Audi TT and think.

The construction of the original Audi TT was performed by J Mays  who has also worked in the Ford EcoSport . The original model had a very bad appearance, which was attractive. The second generation model is stronger and shows the typical elements of Audi. The front features a large three-dimensional grid with very sharp edges carefully placed to design the bumper. The daytime running lights are made of twelve in a line arranged on the bottom line of the headlight white LEDs. The side profile shows the famous body shape Audi TT, which has won several awards worldwide.The 2-door coupe has a number of very strong receding ceiling to mix perfectly with the rear window. The glazed surface in part follows a similar pattern and creates a visual aura that so exciting that everyone not only sees but begins, you must be accepted. The taillights are square lamps that give a floating appearance. The rear spoiler can be done electronically with a push of a button and adds to the sporty TT sorry. The rear bumper sports dual exhaust on both sides, while the rubber easily visible fat be a very threatening position to the vehicle.

Interiors Step inside and the seats are modest, to lower the center of gravity for better dynamics placed. Nappa leather seats are very comfortable and supportive. Both front seats have power-adjustable lumbar support. The interior fit and finish is excellent and everything are spells with sports interior. The gray brushed aluminum inserts carefully placed in different parts of the dashboard reinforce sportiness. The AC cools well and got a first hand experience of this cooking in Mumbai summer. The Audi TT gets five and the chrome around them not only stylish, but also can be rotated to close the opening.

The Bose speakers give great sound, but to be honest, the sound of the engine is the one you want to hear. The steering wheel is the right size for a sports car and gives good grip. It even has a flat bottom. The center console has a few buttons on the right side behind the gear lever, including Sport mode, the traction control on / off, emergency lights and rear wing activation. The door panels are less robust and have deep pockets with red inserts in the door pads. The rear legroom in fact, at least the rear seat, only small children there find place. Even the height is not sufficient because of the slope of the roof. That is, the back seat is the best place to store things and you can fold to increase space in the trunk. The TT is to be used as a coupe and works well in this respect.

Audi TT 2013

The instrument panel has two large servings  with a small screen in each and two smaller ones with a screen in the middle of the rectangle. The center has a gear indicator display and shows the data consupmtion fuel along with other driver information also. The chrome rings on the pods will be clean. The trunk is quite large and there is no spare tire. So an electronic Luftpumpein the depression of the boot was being arranged together with the toolbox.


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