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Audi – In business for over 100 years, Audi is an automaker that builds luxury cars and SUVs. The company was founded in Germany and has to this day remained Germany based.1910  The Audi Automobile Works  in the production of automobiles in Germany and remained independent until the Great Depression. Because Audi ‘s founder, August Horch, a company of 10 years had left that he chose his own name is a Latin form of his name Audi for his new company. Audi came to be formed on Auto Union with three other automobile manufacturers in 1932. Audi, the only surviving nameplate from this union, was acquired by Volkswagen in 1964.In the 1970s, Audi began to be felt with its luxury sedan and compact and loose 100LS Fox coupe and sedan in the United States. In the late 70s, the brand that dated 100LS was replaced with its new luxury sedan 5000.

Each manufacturer has its moments. For Audi was one of those moments in March 1980 at the Geneva Motor Show. The automaker introduced the Audi Quattro, a sporty four-wheel drive coupe that met with an extremely enthusiastic response at the fair. Allwheel drive Quattro system was to help win awards for Audi in motorsport and was eventually integrated into the wide range of models.In this year, the Fox 4000 has been replaced. Four years later was revised top-end 5,000. Audi sales by almost 50 percent, thanks mainly to the new streamlined logo still bet I offered what has become a hallmark of Audi a quality cabin with stylish elegance.Unfortunately, the fate of the Audi was even worse when the Model 5000 car manufacturer has been accused of unintended acceleration in an episode of the TV 60 Minutes. A subsequent investigation revealed Audi government innocent of the charges, but the resulting decline in sales almost bankrupt brand Audi in the U.S.

The late 80s saw the Audi 4000 redesigned, renamed in 80 and 90  at 90 with two teams  and also rename 5000, dubbing it the 100 or the 200th The 200 show a five-cylinder turbo engine with all-wheel drive rather than a non-turbo five-and front-wheel drive, as in Figure 100. A coupé also debuted, as well as a new flagship sedan 200 V8 simply  V8.The next decade saw the A4 Cabriolet and the renaming of the 100 on the A6. Awesome A8 was introduced as the new Audi flagship, which has an aluminum construction and beefy V8. High-performance versions of the various models bent called S4, S6 and S8.The new millennium brought the TT, Audi flat sports coupé  roadsters and later. RS also introduced versions of the A4 and A6, the more power variants S. In addition to the RS  versions of TT S and recent publications include the Audi A3 sedan, SUV Q5 crossover, polished A5 coupe, exotic sports car R8 and A7 luxury sedan hatchback.Today, Audi continues its success in the prestige market, offers a wide range of vehicles to combine the stunning luxury and sport.



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