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January 21st, 2015 · 0 Comments · Bentley

Bentley 2013 – Only with the continental line of cars GT Coupe, Convertible GTC, Flying Spur sedan offered and Mulsanne sedan, but something like the Continental GT coupe to larger, much more expensive to go Mulsanne. And critical group known Country Club Although its base price of more than $ 100,000 separately, the Continental GT starting price of $ 212,600.The Bentley 2013 Continental GT V8 is the new entry-level input, the Bentley offers less of everything , less weight, less emissions, less horsepower and a lower price. In fact, my friend could say subtracting four-cylinder Bentley takes his low-end range of Continental to the point where aspiring millionaires can now rub shoulders with self-made billionaires.

In fact, this is not what Bentley 2013 does at all. The less luxury brands such as Mercedes -Benz and BMW offer a range of cars from around the average price for a new car and go well into six figures, Bentley has no interest to buyers who cross the yard Store could be one of their cars with a Camry loaded. The proof is in pricing, since these new Continental GT V8 comes with an MSRP of $ 174,000 a 10 percent shy of the output of the twelve-cylinder W12 model. At this price, the competition for the new entry-level model of Bentley remains the best deals on these other brands, cars like the Mercedes -Benz CL63 AMG and BMW M6. The purchase is still based on Bentley still a level of status on this web striker to get Germans and there is virtually no way a customer a Bentley Continental dealer optioned and adapted without a car for tens of thousands of dollars to escape further.

Bentley 2013 4 Doors

Bentley 2013 car was certainly not the work as a base Continental GT V8, which goes to our door with a test price of $ 215,880 left. More expensive Bentley 2013 among the options available were the carbon-ceramic brakes with black calipers, ringing in at $ 13.600. The next most expensive option was Mulliner Driving Specification with our car color specification package $ 12,230. Believe it or not, all you get, this beautiful 21- inch wheels are pitch in a black finish and a variety of indoor watermark as Bentley wings on the seat backs, embroidered padded leather, pedals and drilled a wider range of interior colors, veneers and finishes diversity. Not even includes the choice of exterior color, Sunburst Gold, which included a further $ 4,305 to the bottom line.


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