Bentley Flying Spur

January 21st, 2015 · 0 Comments · Bentley

Bentley Flying Spur – Version Limousine Bentley and the car manufacturer Continental has the nickname for this model back. However, the vehicle remains the same three abandoned leather, air conditioning, missiles tons.These figures dream for any car enthusiast than a decade ago would have come true. This 6.0LW 12 Inner motor 616hp and 590 pounds of torque that is partitioned to produce 40/60 split front / rear wheel drive system. The weight is reduced by 110 pounds for the predecessor and power to weight ratio of fourteen percent. Each 8.9 pounds now have my own horse. This car can pass 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds. Fuel efficiency is 5.31 kmpl in the city and 7.08 kmpl on highways.

It will now be offered any V8 twin turbo, but the automaker they could take. However, with the numbers of this car is boasting, we do not know whether V8 would make no sense in this car. Fuel consumption of just 1-2 kmpl improved and the price will be a little less, but it is unlikely that the luxury car enthusiasts would really care about the price cut.Instead, buyers prefer the Supreme opulence all parties. Bentley Flying Spur customers receive with the Flying Spur fully satisfied is also wrapped in wood, brushed metal, leather and wool directly from custom headliner. The contrast stitching and piping is found everywhere in this car and Mulliner Driving Spec Spurs comes with padded leather, which is available in 5 different colors, with 5 veneers. There are other improvements, such as Mulliner 2 piece 21 -inch wheels and special shift lever screw.

There are some updates to this vehicle for example, this vehicle comes with removable multi-function driver for the rear passengers. It has a touch screen and communicates with the vehicle via Bluetooth. This allows the rear passengers to control the car as it change the air conditioning system, sunshades, stereo functions, etc. very convenient. This may sound a bit redundant when reading, but then this car is being done for people with driver and therefore this function will be very useful.Back seat of this Bentley Flying Spur car is pretty good and these cars are a good example of the fact that people are not driven, driving yourself like. The Bentley Flying Spur seats are quite firm and the comfort is best. You can search the feeling away and some additional support to a small amount of discomfort after about 90 minutes. For this premium price, expected amoeba chairs that absorb us in luxury in the best, but the car thought otherwise.

Bentley Flying Spur 2014

Bentley Flying Spur comes with twin turbo chargers and 8 options for changing and that means it this car as you try to guess who yearns to go fast in a delay in the Anfangsdrosselspitzein. However, if you get off, the acceleration is really impressive and gear changes are barely noticeable, even at full throttle. This shows how difficult Bentley engineers have worked in an additional shot ZF transmission, was already perfect. Our only complaint here is mostly useless and evil large shift paddles that extend from the steering column. Has plastic surface, the superior of space for a car and so function downshift / upshift feels is too slow.


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