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Bentley Logo – Bentley cars are handmade in Crewe, England and have been known to be a luxury car high end. Bentley Prices start at $ 180,195 and usually only within the price range of most. Founded by Walter Owen Bentley, Bentley Logo Motors, Ltd. was founded in England in 1919. Two years later, debuted the first model, faster 3 liter Bentley. With love for racing, the first products were Bentley performance vehicles, which opened immediately established as winners at Le Mans. To pay the bills, with powerful body bodies very stylishly appointed the London-based company’s vehicles. But in 1931, resulted in financial problems with the sale of Rolls- Royce. In the following decades, the Bentley brand has slowly slipped into anonymity with vehicles that were little more than rebadged Rolls- Royce.

In 1998 Volkswagen bought Bentley Logo and has since expanded its model range. Today’s models are to be true to the traditional qualities of the Bentley, with all models benefit from exquisitely finished cabins and very muscular engines including a 12 cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 600 hp. TrueCar is an independent service that enhances the experience of buying cars through the collection, analysis and presentation of vehicle data from multiple sources. Although TrueCar provides new information about the prices of cars and other data on the majority of vehicles on the market, TrueCar remains not affiliated with, sponsored or supported by Bentley. Any use of the trademarks of Bentley, trademarks and logos, including all brands Bentley presented here is purely reference and heard such marks of Bentley. Tracer makes no claim to ownership of these marks and that no claim affiliation with Bentley. It provides information on the prices of Bentley cars, but no cars, auto parts, or auto repair services to sell.

Bentley Flying Spur, says the four-door luxury sedan is the fastest road in the world, powered by a 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 engine. It develops 625 hp and 800 Nm of torque with a country, sprint from 0-100 kph in just 4.6 seconds and reaches a beat 322kph. All that power is routed through the transmission to all four wheels through the AWD system. With a cast of standard torque 60 percent to the rear and 40 percent to the front wheels of the Flying Spur has the ability to vary this division to 85 percent to the rear axle and 65 percent to the part up depending on available traction before. Bentley also has a controlled air suspension independent computer, take almost every bump in the road helps.

Bentley Logo


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