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January 22nd, 2015 · 0 Comments · Bentley

Bentley SUV – The new Bentley SUV will be one of the most exclusive in the world, with a starting price of about $ 1.4 million. To develop the SUV as one of their own kind, Bentley offer V12 instead of a V8 or hybrid. It will produce between 575-650 hp. The area is also a deluxe model family of four, five and seven seats. According to Director of Sales and Marketing Kevin Rose Bentley, the new SUV will offer off-road and will be as powerful as the Range Rover. This is really an SUV. In the Middle East, you have to go up and down the dunes and Europe must pull heavy trailers in wet grass fields, Kevin Rose said.

If Bentley SUV will start the first of the new brand, which will have its own class. The technology under the shell will come next -generation Audi Q7 is not a clean car. After many rumors Some remedies can be very efficient for detoxication. Bentley has confirmed that a new SUV is under development. This could be the most luxurious SUV on the market when it was launched. Sure, Bentley would like the new Range Rover challenge than 30 percent of customers have a British SUV in his garage along with Bentley.

Bentley SUV 2015

According to Bentley, there are already 2,000 pre-orders of the car. It will be built in the UK that 1,000 new jobs at the factory in Crewe. Bentley SUV invested more than eight billion dollars in this project. Bentley expects the new SUV will sell 4,000 copies in one year and one third of them will be in the United States.Bentley SUV to make sure that respect for brand name luxury, performance, quality and experience. Recorded Crewe manufacturer style is part of every SUV on the way and true to the Bentley code aesthetics and the model is the most powerful SUV on the market.In absolute terms, this model will be the first SUV from the British brand. In fact, Bentley has control over the Dominator Sultan of Brunei and his son, Prince Jefri, in 1996. Six of them were built based on the Range Rover for an undisclosed amount, an estimated 6 to € 11 million.


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