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Bentley Truck – After the war WO Bentley built production that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1924, the models and that the success of the first repetition in June 1927, 1928, 1929 and 1930.Purchased by Rolls- Royce in 1931, when from London to Derby and later to Crewe, the company of the Volkswagen Group in Germany had owned since 1998. The company is still in Crewe, Cheshire, England, facility. Before the Second World War, W.Ø. Bentley, sold in partnership with his brother HM Bentley French DFP was a car, but wanted the design and construction has always been his own line of cars. In August 1919, Bentley Motors Ltd. was dummy engine was exhibited at the London Motor Show in October of this year.

An innovative engine with four valves per cylinder, a former officer in the Royal Flying Corps Clive Gallop was built and put into operation in December, developed and accepted orders for delivery from June 1920, but development took longer than estimated and the first cars were not ready until September 1921. Its durability is a big hit. Appearances were made in the road race and at Brooklands and a single entry in the Indianapolis 500 1922 miles from Douglas Hawkes traveled with a over 80 miles per hour over.After the acquisition, the Bentley Truck company has spent millions of GBP500 for modern Volkswagen factory in Crewe and the ability to increase production. In spring 2010, there are about 3,500 jobs in Crewe, compared with 1,500 in 1998, before he acquired by Volkswagen. It was has a total of nearly $ 2 billion invested Bentley and resurrection.In 2002, Bentley Queen Elizabeth II celebrates its golden anniversary with an official State Limousine. In 2003, two-door convertible Bentley Truck Azure stopped, Bentley and Bentley was a second line, the Bentley coupe with a large closet in the W12 engine Crewe.

Bentley Truck Interior

The demand was so great that the work was to fulfill each order Crewe despite an installed capacity of 9,500 vehicles per year capacity, there was a waiting list of more than a year for new cars to offer. Therefore, a portion of the production of the new flight phase, four-door version of the Continental GT, assigned to the factory, where the Volkswagen Phaeton luxury car is assembled. The agreement in late 2006, after returning more than 1,000 vehicles, with every production vehicle at the factory in Crewe.In April 2005, Bentley Truck confirmed plans for a four -seat convertible, the Azure from the Arnage Drophead Coupe prototype was derived early in Crewe in 2006. In convertible version of the successful Continental GT, Continental GTC is presented. Both models were successfully launched in late 2006.A Limited Edition GT Zagato changes were announced in March 2008, called GTZ. The Continental Supersports , A new version of the Bentley Continental was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show 2009. The Bentley is a new supercar that combines extreme power with FlexFuel technology in the environment.


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