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Bugatti 2013 – Bugatti, which is located in France and is now part of the Volkswagen Group, is known for the unique levels of luxury and speed, along with a history of racing success. Current productions Bugatti are able speeds over 250 miles per hour and the power in the range of 1,000 horsepower and are of limited series.This stunning colt is the production car built faster and faster, the. Up to 253 miles per hour with a capacity of 987 How’s that for speed? Volkswagen, the rich, famous and ever Bugatti elite. The term work was aptly fitting this piece with an excitation of the Veyron charged WR16 and displacing 7998cc turbo at 15.8 psi boost.

This Bugatti 2013 beauty has more power per liter, more cylinders.Special Edition celebrates the eldest son of company founder Ettore Bugatti and his most famous creation, the Type 57SC Atlantic.The ultra-luxury edition legend Jean Bugatti Bugatti was digested Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse. It is equipped with a 8.0 -liter W16 engine 1,183 hp. It accelerates from zero to 62 mph in 2.6 seconds.The body is completely made of deep black, zinc-plated carbon fiber with a touch of platinum. Bugatti 2013 platinum used for the first time outside one of their newer models.The wheels have tires cut black diamonds. Jean Bugatti signature laser etched in the gas cap or oil.The cabin is treated embroidered with full leather Type 57SC silhouette on the doors. The shift lever is shown in Rosewood.Bugatti says only four Type 57SC Atlantic vehicles were between 1936 ’38.

Bugatti 2013 Black

With his model Legend Jean Bugatti honors an outstanding figure in the history of the automobile of the 20th Century. Gianoberto Carlo Bugatti, known as the Ettore Bugatti and the most talented of his four children. From the late 1920s used Jean their own ideas and structural design to exert more and more influence on the development of the company in Molsheim, Alsace. In 1936 he took over the management of the company at the age of 27th Had secured his place in history thanks to his automotive designs and concepts for motor vehicle bodies and chassis pioneers the time of his tragic death in 1939, Jean.Bugatti 2013 Type 57SC as one of the most unique and extraordinary sport coupes of all time.The legend car to be is a call back to La Voiture Noire The Black Car, a model of the Atlantic, which was led by Jean Bugatti himself and lost since the Second World War , Bugatti said in a explanation.


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