Bugatti Concept 2014

December 20th, 2013 · 0 Comments · Bugatti

Bugatti Concept 2014 – Bugatti has always been known in the automotive industry as the market leader when it comes to the production of extremely fast cars, which not only comes with the latest technology, but also the cars that they feel stable and are a pleasure to drive even at maximum speed. The same applies to the latest version of the Grand Sport Vitesse. The car has a while to be produced was added and it seems that not everyone knows what Bugatti is best known for is the speed disappoint.

The car was from a unit of Anthony Liu a famous Chinese racing driver has been taken around the special track turn Volkswagen and managed to 408.84 miles per hour to reach there. In terms of price the car will cost $ 2,250,000 and although the Bugatti Concept 2014 produces 150 of these cars, the latest news, said that in fact these numbers have reduced by 50, so that only 100 of these cars will be produced.There is also a special model to be called the World Record Edition vehicle. This is a limited edition model basically and only eight of these vehicles with a unique combination of a combination of black and orange. In terms of price, it will cost $ 2.6 million.A closer look at Vitesse is easy to see that this is basically a combination of 2 large variations Veyron, which are known by many auto enthusiasts, the Grand Sport and Super Sport. It seems that Bugatti would not call this by combining the names of the 2 car then takes in a turned and simply use the name Grand Sport Vitesse.

The new model Bugatti Concept 2014 has the same engine musicality 16.4. His roar can hear sound easy in the distance, depth and crisp, which makes them like a herd of elephants panic or perhaps a thunderstorm. The new prototype seems to offer some three hundred temperature sensors and also comes with two data loggers, one can be found in the passenger footwell and between the seats. Also comes with a VBOX race logic that was installed specifically check for the test drive version to ensure the accuracy of how fast the car. Data sampling is performed hundreds of times per second, which is a high refresh rate.The car goes from zero to 60 mph in just 2.4 seconds and has a top speed of 255 kilometers per hour, making it the fastest production roadster in the world. The Vitesse posing outdoors, extreme speed auto, which is about what people can imagine. Cabin turbulence seriously considered and kept to a minimum by the optional wind deflector behind the seats, the air flow around the body and the small opening in the roof of good engineering. Even if the driver goes 155 miles per hour, the passengers can still hear and understand each other.The car only to acceleration, also held when it reaches 185 hours miles, which shows no signs of restraint. To get the car to 233 miles per hour, while eventually fight with the top, the speed at which air resistance and power in a draw.

Bugatti Concept 2014 White

For Vitesse Bugatti Concept 2014 has a new and unique configuration, the new suspension dampers offer designed slightly softer springs and includes valves to work faster. The results of this new configuration are absolutely amazing. The front vibration which really exists in the Supersport its toll on the administration was virtually nonexistent. Even if the car goes very fast, handling is very simple and can be performed with just a few fingers on the wheel, regardless of the condition of the road is in.Faced with fierce dual personality and docile, but also improve its quality driving the new 2014 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse is simply the fastest roadster in the world and at the same time, the car Bugatti fans would definitely possess. At a price of $ 2,250,000 is all that’s left to buy after the acquisition is a perfect way to bring their limits to the maximum.


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