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Bugatti Logo – The Second World War left the factory in Molsheim in ruins and the company lost control of the property. During the war, Bugatti planned a new factory at Levallois to the northwestern suburbs of Paris. After the war developed, Bugatti planned a series of new cars, including the Type 73 and Type 73C road car to build a single seat racing car, but all Bugatti built only five Type 73 cars. A 375 cc supercharged car was stopped when Ettore Bugatti died on 21 August 1947. After the death of Ettore Bugatti, the business was further reduced and made his last appearance as a business in itself a Paris Motor Show in October 1952.After a long decline, the original incarnation of Bugatti Logo operation in 1952.

Bugatti Logo strongly focused in design. Engine blocks were scraped by hand to ensure that the surfaces so flat that the seals guilloche not offered for sealing, many of the exposed surfaces of the engine were required motor Quit she was a magazine and safety cables passed through almost every fastener in intricately laced patterns. Instead of the springs of the axle bolt, as most manufacturers had, Bugatti forged shafts such that the spring passed through a carefully sized opening in the shaft, a more elegant solution requiring fewer parts. He famous for focusing on durability described his arch competitor Bentley fastest truck in the world.

Bugatti Logo


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