Buick Riviera

December 3rd, 2013 · 0 Comments · Buick

Buick Riviera – The names in the history of General Motors Buick brand is back-at least in concept form. Company officials are not willing to say whether a production version of the prototype Riviera is coming, but recognize that some of the most important design elements show car. The lighting is actually something that the design team PATAC focused attention. A fine accent light through the center of the campaign flow, drawing viewers’ eyes to the backlight Buick emblem tri-coat  in the middle of the grill attached. A similar badge is mounted on the back. Open the double doors and puddle lamps illuminate the ground that the word  Buick Riviera.

Internal, controllable lighting allows a driver for a variety of different moods to emphasize. The cabin has a continuous flow feel to it, starting with a gently curved instrument panel that connects the individual rear seats with a center console with metal accent that runs along the inside. Buick in a variety of high-tech systems, which includes a lever unusual  for the 21st century  designed changes proposed Shyr that works something like a computer mouse. The Buick Riviera dashboard is probably a sense of deja vu in long-term-trigger fans of Buick Riviera, but its three-dimensional shape is decidedly modern. A large LCD screen crowns the central console, with touch controls.

Buick Riviera 2013

The body is also high-tech, carbon fiber, which not only lightens the wing doors made so they are easier to handle-but the technical demands PATAC was easier to form the mixture of the Riviera concept of flow and tapered shapes. Compact Mirror, meanwhile, have been influenced by Formula One car racing. Although Shyr said the Riviera concept is a runner , the car manufacturer, the drive system used in the prototype refused to discuss, nor should talk about what they might consider for a production car. Sitting on 21- inch wheels and tires with a wheelbase of 112.9 cm and 185.4 cm overall measures, which probably lead to something Riviera concept in the field of medium size, and almost certainly a configuration power transmission rear wheel drive. This is a direction in which GM was always lately, what trends in the luxury market, where the Buick last start.


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