Cadillac CTS 2014

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Cadillac CTS 2014 – The new model sports sedan is Cadillac CTS 2014. It is expected to go on the road by mid-2014. The model is very well prepared for the design, gives an exciting performance and include all the sophisticated technology. The car looks really strong and powerful. The base price of the car is around $59,070 and the vehicle type sedan luxury car. Fuel capacity is 19 gallons car and gives an impressive mileage also. The car is 17 km per liter in city and 25 km per liter on highways.The dimensions of the car are 195.5 cm long, 57.3 cm high and 72.2 cm wide. The Cadillac CTS 2014 wheelbase of this model is about 114.6 inches. The gross vehicle weight is 4536 kg. The car trunk volume is 13.7 cubic meters and organized comfortably accommodate five passengers. The exterior designs are awesome. The first impression that comes to mind after the model will come is that it looks built very strong and vigorous. The interiors are also well equipped and offer good comfort and consists of all functions, such as stereos, seven -inch TFT screen for all kinds of films and videos.

The performance of the car is also impressed with twin-turbo V6 DOHC engine. The displacement of the 3.6 -liter car and produces a Ausgangsleistungvon 420 hp. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 5750 revolutions per minute. The torque generated by the motor 430 pound feet at a speed of 3500 revolutions per minute. The torque is achieved at 4,500 rpm. The automatic level of the 8-speed motors. The numbers are impressive and hopefully a good response from the customers. At the end of the entry Churny GM 2.0-liter turbocharged four- cylinder that produces 49 horsepower less than the V 6, 20, but more torque 272hp/295 pounds expects Cadillac CTS 2014 people to become a leader in its size in terms of sales, would do well to arrange buyer. They produce a lot of energy that the engine lighter and smaller car brands and is more efficient. Unfortunately, only with an automatic six-speed transmission occurs when another offer in the class up to eight.

Cadillac CTS 2014 Sports

Active grille shutters are available in various designs. And for the first time Cadillac CTS 2014 adopt Magnetic Ride Control, a damping system in real time. Cadillac CTS 2014 said that in 2014 the lightest and most agile car be in his class. It weighs 1640 kilograms, which is lighter than the BMW 528i and the previous models. Is by the use of aluminum in the structure of the material and the door of the machine.Increases the total length of 127 mm Auto. While the wheelbase stretched 30.5 mm to 2911 mm. Some of the technologies that took Cadillac CTS 2014 include heated / cooled front seats seat, heated steering wheel, Panic Brake Assist, Lane Departure Warning and sedan is offered in a choice of rear or all-wheel drive.Three engines are available: 2.0-liter turbo, 3.6 -liter V6 and 3.6 liter V6 Twin Turbo. The 6 -speed manual or 8 -speed automatic transmission just choose. The third generation of the CTS occur from autumn 2013.


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