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Cadillac ELR – In the automatic display of the season in Detroit, motors, together with the Cadillac ELR that release a fuel / power, plug-in for several reasons Cadillac Converj is a concept car that GM introduced in 2009, created in North La u. s. Explains Worldwide Automatic Display. Four years later, Common Motors have succeeded in this idea by ELR back in 2014, so it’s just as affordable and effective as compared to its rivals and it is even Cadillac area.Cadillac ELR design gives the same answer to several questions. First, why the Cadillac Converj concept is not an enormous production Subjected and because the design was a better option ELR they converge to take his place. The preceding was the demonstration of the requirements and performance potential of the new Cadillac ELR, that if someone else had particularly impressed all who are very satisfied owner of a Chevy design would be tension, but always because of the obvious error in the battery area renewing power.

This high- class luxury car, pets, in the words of the developers, it would be appropriate even for a wedding, but the size is not by other classes of motor vehicles. The interior features a large center system in the form of T. The interior is made of high quality materials, a padded set, microfiber and fiber and wood. The probability of rear folding chairs, more than once in this, affects the development of the cargo space, without this option would be very small. 4.7 m long, was built on the GM Delta II system, ELR similar to the Chevy Volt, 9 cm wide, but longer. Apart from its size, and Cadillac ELR have voltage together and the space program. The only grill Cadillac automobile for the design of Cadillac ELR used and new groups are present LED light, both front and back. Prepared with 20 ” rims and some small wheelbase of the ELR aspect is much more like an issue of the Converj concept has been developed.

Fill produces more despite already used to create tension, Chevy, Cadillac ELR is reset. Voltec system, which is constructed with a Cadillac ELR, makes the 1.4-liter 4 cylinder, two Engine power 119 kW and 135 kW and performance lithium -ion battery 16.5 kWh. The main difference between the two operating systems, in the design of a voltage and this in ELR, the operator of the electric drive is moved, which is constructed with a design ELR. This operator enables the design of the Cadillac, more movement of the load current and battery causing the use of this vehicle that only by electrical energy, which is 35 miles 56 km and proceeds to generate the complete independence It is 360 km 480 miles. This program produces a mixed result of 207 hp, 295 pounds -feet of torque to 400 Nm of torque. The ZF transmission method is changed here to a different method of play. Together with the improvement of the braking system and the installed pallet guides 2014 Cadillac ELR quite acceptable performance, if the type of drive.

Cadillac ELR 2014

Cadillac ELR is easy with all the techniques of modern techniques of control and safer drive this car built. Accident and streets Aware Forward leaving care are just some of the standard features of this contemporary more. First draft of the Cadillac ELR is in December 2013 and the first distribution of the same in January in the U.S. market. This design plans joint motor to other markets in the European and Chinese suppliers offer, but did not specify when. At a price of $75.995 2014 Cadillac ELR will be marketed in the United States, with the help of some financial support that number could be reduced by $7,500.


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