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Cadillac Xts – Now Cadillac is increasing the level of Cadillac Xts by the offered with the addition of a new package by the program Commercial Vehicles Caddy exclusively W20 guilds painting offered.The new W20 Livery package is based on the top model Cadillac XTS Platinum and adds 19 -inch wheels and door handles LED infused. The Safety Car will continue to increase with the addition of a new rear-view camera, while the interior adds a suede microfiber lining.The package can continue with a new package of comfort for the rear heated front seats and window curtains sun and an inverter for charging mobile devices adds to be upgraded. New Cadillac CUE system for connectivity and control are also with the new W20 package.

Cadillac sold more than nine out of ten of all new XTS luxury, individual buyers, but the new luxury sedan is equipped redefined with a special package, as fleet operators and vehicle transport services their over 400 million customers.With the new W20 Livery package sedan Cadillac XTS base mode. In the background of car models The package, which elements of the XTS Platinum Edition Only companies by livery of the Commercial Vehicle Cadillac program offered.Unlike many of the buildings constructed on the paint and Flottenindustriein the past building, is the special cars XTS model at the upper end of the range of products that include 19 -inch wheels, handles exterior door with LED lighting technology, the Cadillac Xts Platinum Edition security as a back-up camera and a suede included microfiber lining.

A Comfort Package includes rear seat available seat heating, blinds and Sonnenwechselrichterzum charging mobile devices. Sailing, offered by the Cadillac CUE system and control, is also in the colors of the W20 package.Cadillac Xts gain a few horses in his second year on the market. Cadillac announced today that its flagship XTS sedan adds a twin-turbo V6 2014 model year. The engine will also find its way into the new CTS sedan will debut at the New York Auto Show.

Cadillac Xts V

According to Cadillac, the twin-turbo V6 will join the list of options this fall 2014 Cadillac XTS. The engine produces 420 hp and 430 lb- ft of torque good numbers compared to competitors like the Chrysler 300 and Lincoln MKS. There is also a large increase in the 3.6-liter V6 now makes 300 hp and 264 lb -ft. The Cadillac XTS 420 hp Cadillac has not been confirmed, but 2014 is probably the standard traction. This has to drive a traditional idea of the problems of the front wheels with this performance. All-wheel drive is optional XTS today. The models never make the strongest car traction to all four wheels before.Cadillac has more information about Cadillac XTS Twin Turbo 2014 announced, except to say that the new engine with the Cadillac Xts sedan next actions. Small standard CTS offers rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive available. The acquisition of competitors such as the BMW 3 Series and 5 Series and Mercedes C -Class and the Audi A4 and Audi A6.


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