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Chevrolet Camaro – For most of the last four decades, the Chevrolet Camaro poster car of young and not so young speed freaks and boulevardiers same. You know, the kind of people who value the rumble and thrust of a V8 engine small and elegant design as much as Hollywood starlets value a block you shoot.Beginning in the late 1960s as a response to the Ford Mustang, the original Chevrolet Camaro coupe or convertible form and with six-cylinder or V8 could have. Forty years and five generations later, the concept has not changed since the current can also Chevrolet Camaro coupe or convertible six-cylinder or V8 are formed. It even looks like and takes the classic qualities of the Camaro performance tires spinning and inexpensive. But this is a thoroughly modern car and despite some significant practical disadvantages, it makes for a decent daily driver.

After a seven year hiatus, the Chevrolet Camaro back in 2010. In this first year the Camaro was offered only as a coupe and the V6 engine produces 304 hp. The following year saw the introduction of the convertibility of the V6 is affected with up to 312 horses. It reached its current issue for 2012, which also saw the introduction of the ZL1 and a number of important changes in the cabin. Camaros before, that produces suffering from a wheel and gauges that were difficult to read from address strange.

Running from 1993-2002, the last generation Camaro continues the ancient tradition of performance and style in particular. Initially, only a coupe body style is offered in the base and trim Z28, the former comes with a 3.4-liter V6 engine 160 hp and the latter with a 5.7 -liter V8 LT1 275 PS . Transmission choices include a standard five-speed manual V6 , six-speed manual V8 and a four-speed automatic.The following year saw the return of the convertible, while 1995 brought a 3.8-liter, 200 horsepower V6 Camaro for the base. For 1996, the Z28 285 hp and was SS setting, completely reborn with a version of the 305 hp 5.7-liter V8 engine. A mid-cycle refresh was performed in 1998 with a new front look and powerful new LS1 5.7 V8 for the Z28 305 hp and SS 320 hp. Apart from minor differences in trim and a bump in power for the Z28 in 2001 to 310 hp, the Chevrolet Camaro soldiered almost unchanged until 2002. Ironically, last year marked the 35th also Anniversary Camaro, which was celebrated with a 35th anniversary SS.

Chevrolet Camaro Zl1

Although fast, stylish and affordable, the Chevrolet Camaro was missing in terms of design, particularly in relation to the interior. The wheel design was goofy as sporty as the taxi and had an abundance of low-grade plastic setting. In addition, the seats were quite simple and short in the lumbar and lateral support. On the positive side, the great teachings, decent cargo capacity and buttoned manipulation were although midcorner projections could alter the solid rear axle in the rear suspension .Consumer feedback is mostly positive towards Chevrolet Camaro this era. Praise focused on the good performance even with the V6 for the money, mechanical reliability, durability, handling and style. Main complaints concern the construction of cheap interior, in a rather small given the size of his body and sometimes leaking T-tops.


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