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December 26th, 2013 · 0 Comments · Chevrolet

Chevrolet Spark – The Chevrolet Spark, a new model, comes only as a four-door sedan with front-wheel drive. Sold in three trim levels LS, 1LT and 2LT almost alone options except for an automatic transmission , so that a purchase is easy. The Spark base LS comes standard with niceties like air conditioning, power windows, tilt steering wheel and seat height adjustable driver and a long, comforting includes list of safety features, stability control and airbags even Knievordersitzefür the occupants.For midlevel 1LT brings comfort and amenities such as cruise control, connectivity for mobile phones and audio streaming, all controlled by the touch screen interface of Chevrolet MyLink. The upper setting 2LT adds more leather-like exterior and interior padding Cosmetic improvements Lederlenkradund heated front seats.

There was a time when the Americans moved with any small car much less a Stadtflitzermit a mark on the front end of the definition of small car by the Environmental Protection Agency it was an impossible task for the Detroit auto  Chevrolet Spark manufacturer. People in a nation of big spaces, big streets, large parking lots and cheap gasoline were simply not interested. But times are changing, as the arrival of the Chevrolet Spark certainly shows.Backed by one in Asia that once they fully considered too small for American drivers model, the Chevy Spark could sense for households after the recession and young buyers who have the good fortune that the first real job was to make land. Entry-level hatchback Chevrolet Spark is a lot of stingy with fuel and enjoys a nice big city. And although it barely weighs more than a ton and is one of the least expensive new cars available, the spark needs to real car ‘features and the actual content of cars at low cheap cars of the past almost all the world was missing the ride.

As a starting point of the line Chevrolet Spark, is the smallest spark of brand engine, a 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 84 horsepower and 83 pound-feet of torque. Not as bad as all that, however, appear as light breaks Sparkle are in competition with other traffic and mergers highway. In Edmunds testing, a spark with five-speed manual transmission reaches 60 mph in 10.5 seconds, it is almost as fast as a Toyota Prius. Optional four-speed automatic slows things sparkle less friendly in 12.2 seconds, though.In only four forward gears, automatic transmission Chevy Spark is a relic reduce costs somewhere inexpensive car, but still an effective job of managing 84 -horsepower engine. Mountaineering are just real curses of the transmission.

Chevrolet Spark Black

Although the Chevrolet Spark is hot hatch, light weight, short wheelbase and light-touch electrically assisted power make an agile partner in the cut and thrust of the city and traffic direction. Even better, the suspension can absorb a lot of abuse before the race gets loud or shrill. Brakes is safe, too.In the reviews we found the Chevrolet Spark well equipped, including midlevel 1LT adjustment, whereby the type of information and entertainment content and convenience that was the area of much higher priced vehicles before. MyLink touch-screen interface, for example, is useful, but not too cute and loaded with functionality, the system still keeps some content application on the smartphone made .Most of the hard surfaces in the interior are well camouflaged in general and friendly and some of the panels are matched to the color of the body. The night lighting is unexpectedly high. The large central tachometer and digital gauge auxiliary flanking the law are simple and easy to read, such as the provision of three knob control for air conditioning. The caliber presentation without claims appear to characterize a cheap car, but some refreshing simplicity of the cottage also offers sparks when combined with the central display.


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