Citroen 2CV 2014

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Citroen 2CV 2014 – This vehicle is a truck crossing a Ferrari F355 and a Citroen 2CV 2014, created by the Italian tuning house nimik.The preparation took more than 1500 hours to build and the result is a Citroen 2CV 2014. Fortunately, it was decided that the chassis of the Ferrari 355 and not the Citroen 2CV, a wise choice that we, as the ride was maybe a bit different have to use bouncy castle.This is mounted by a van 3.5 liter V8 380bhp means set by the rear wheels well supplied with electricity for a 0 to 60 mph in about five seconds.

This is the proles in souped Saxo shock at the light.Nimik says the mixing process took about 1,500 hours and 180,000 euros £ 156.500 to build.Due to the nature bumpy road in their native parts, around the time of conception, the Citroen 2CV 2014 has soft suspension, no body control when cornering at all, also and this is your party piece, a lot of travel. That’s one of the reasons why I actually also at rallies could pick up speed shock and just stay in motion not fast. but still moving.Probably it was clear from the beginning that the puny 435cc engine, two pot, they were with Citroen 2CV 2014, which at the time I was not really the task knew to feed any kind of dynamics and speed over rough terrain already, the car could be. meet Therefore, in an effort to make them a useful transport for the African continent, the Sahara version was released it was really the first crossover from small cars.

But while the buyers are now easily deceived intersection of plastic body cladding and a superior ride in 1961, Citroen gave him a car with two engines. Furthermore, it was actually designed to deal with the worst of the desert conditions, including hazards such as extreme temperatures and sand clogging mechanical parts popping to the shops in one is a no-brainer and snow is also very good, as the second video reveal posted below.One of these very interesting little French cars are for sale on eBay, in the town of Boring, Oregon. When you get behind the high price, but the car is really nothing more than and is bound to keep you busy for years and to keep especially immediately after purchase, because there are some things wrong with it.

Citroen 2CV 2014

Citroen 2CV 2014


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