Citroen Ds3

December 28th, 2013 · 0 Comments · Citroen

Citroen Ds3 – The Citroen Ds3 Racing convertible, now in prototype stage, but with a good chance of production. The company has already confirmed Gala also the coming Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Maybe in the German sample and we can, if certain marketing plans to know.When finally arrives in dealerships, as it should be, the new Citroen

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DS3 Racing Convertible fight in the market with the Abarth 500C and the Mini JCW Convertible. The formula used by Citroen understand this exciting version is no secret that the stylish Citroen Ds3 convertible combined with the 1.6 Turbo 202 hp variant already closed Racing Car City tested model. With such passionate Version Citroen wants in the World Rally Championship, a competition for the lately used the DS3 WRC completion of a successful career.

Citroen Ds3 Sport

To make it known, Citroen Ds3 has a very special car with a brushed matte gray Dark Moon pitch accents made with Carmine. It is also shiny black shoes with 19- inch wheels, while a black chrome adorn the handles, mirrors and door panels trasero.Las the performance of this exceptional DS3 Cabrio Racing expected to lay, as only the hood 25 kilos on the closure model, so that it will be easier to keep 6.5 seconds from 0-100 km / h from the closed model 235 kmh is already available.Inside Backet saw some racing style seats with lumbar support in tone Carmine to match dashboard somewhere. Other decorative details include the type of fiber mirror housings and frame in bright DS thread.


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