Citroen DS4 2014

January 9th, 2014 · 0 Comments · Citroen

Citroen DS4 2014 – The Citroen DS4 strong personality inherited Convertible rear window. A 3.95 m long, 1.71 m wide and 1.46 m high, preserves the original compact proportions, referred agility and energy. All the usual bold style options are available, floating of the two-tone roof and shark fins revival of the belt line of the car, which underline the side faces LED daytime running lights and shapes face of the car. The architecture of the Citroen DS4 2014 convertible DS3 is completely in character. The tent is a new source of personalization with a wide range of colors and original designs that add to the unique personality of the car. The new model features all new 3D LED taillights and a handle chromefinished elegantly highlighting the top of the tailgate.

Citroen DS4 2014 owners, the convertible roof, body, rearview mirror housings and impellers. The DS3 is available in ten colors of roof Urban Tribe, Onde, Pearl, zebre, map, plan, design Co, Flavio, flower and graphics. Citroen DS4 2014 with the convertible top is the one point of further adjustment.The Citroen DS4 is equipped with three convertible top colors black, blue and DS MONOGRAMME Infini. Citroen has kept floating roof Distinctive black coloration of the rear side panels and echo the color of the hood up on the sides of the body, the horizontal stripes front and rear spoilers. The decoration on the dashboard insert, vent surrounds and Schaltgriffist with body color and soft -top color. Six sets are available gray, black, white diamond, Carbotech, Infini blue and gray lunar dust.Sophisticated blue canvas Infini includes delicate shades of blue and violet. The visual effect is obtained by a three-wire fabric in different colors, one of which is brilliant. Each thread will react differently to changes in light and is way to improve the unique personality of the Citroen DS4 Convertible on.

The paint on the car on the mat is hard gray textured Moondark. This is accentuated by the gloss black wheels 19. To be on the sophistication of the car is the Black Chrome inserts on the handle add, set start and mirrors. ‘S power comes from the 1.6 -liter engine, which is able to generate a power of 202 hp.The interiors are not bound to the cross. The most striking interior features include bucket seats that follow the footsteps of the DS watch band design. They come in three types, namely, fabric Napa full grain leather. The Citroen DS4 2014 Racing Concept Car Convertible adds a unique touch, a child seat cushion contained in three leather strap watch design material. It is well matched with other regular seats. Helmets are available in the colors of the body.


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