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Citroen DS5 – The DS line was opened in 2009 with the launch of the small car DS3, while Citroen expanded the range with the introduction of the DS4, a high position five-door hatchback at the Paris Motor Show 2010.Citroen DS5 is the first Citroen model to HYbrid4 diesel hybrid technology. The advanced HYbrid4 system delivers 200 hp, traction on all four wheels, emission-free electric power for the city and as a function of height in the acceleration of the street. CO2 emissions of just 99g/kmWith the 2012 Paris Motor Show will open its gates, Citroen DS continues the story line with the premiere of a new chapter, the Citroen DS3 convertible. Motorists enjoy the slightest ray of sunshine through intelligent architecture newcomer makes life much easier Convertible. The Citroen DS3 Cabrio has to do with joy.

The Citroen DS5, launched in 2010 to life, has an undeniable success, totaling nearly 180,000 records. For greater customization options with a variety of collections of covers and races, ultra-prestige models and Mat Just the DS3 an important role in promoting awareness and DS played online success. Sales of the DS line has already reached 250,000.The Citroen DS4 Convertible is a real DS4 in the first place. It has all the strengths of the success of its sister model, choices, refinement down to the smallest detail and the voltage of the driving moment.Citroen DS5 has chosen a modern technical solution for DS4 convertible to emphasize the unique character of the DS3 and keep all the road feel than the original model. Contribution to the efforts to adapt three soft-top roofs are available black, blue and DS monograms Infini.

Citroen DS5 White

The Citroen DS3 Cabrio is also heir to all the sophistication of the DS line, with an innovative 3D signature taillight and a very original motion tailgate opening.Prepare yourself for the impending teasing over the next few days as Citroen has the first in a series of likely preview images of the third part in its distinctive line of DS models, the DS5, which had its world premiere on 18 April will be released at the Shanghai International Motor Show.Apart from the above shown image of French car is silent about all the details, stating that only the DS5 is to bring in a new, distinctive elegance and flair to the upper class.It is believed that the new DS5 is based on the architecture of the mid-size model Citroen C5 with engine options including HYbrid4 diesel electric hybrid powertrain group PSA Peugeot Citroen.


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