Citroen Survolt

December 27th, 2013 · 0 Comments · Citroen

Citroen Survolt – Automaker Citroen has released the new version of the show car ‘s all-electric Survolt Art Car concept design painting artist Francoise Nielly. Nielly work embraces the creativity and incandescent colors in the style of Art Cars found, so the task of turning the Survolt into a Nielly masterpiece just as beautiful.The Survolt is powered solely by electricity and can produce a maximum speed of 162 mph, a 0-60 mph time in just a little less than five seconds. Comes with a tube frame, a flat underside with extractor and full carbon bodywork.3.85m long 1.87.m wide and 1.2 meters high and weighs only 1150 kg.

Francoise Nielly uses a variety of fluorescent colors combined of contrasting curved lines and sculpted flanks catch the light and offer a different reading of the car 100 % brand power operation, the manufacturer says to the rafters. Broken down, this means that most of the paint is flowing on the front of the car with a fading of the colors back. This keeps the eyes focused on the most powerful vision of the vehicle.

Citroen Survolt Concept

Also on display at the event was a DS3 in a custom creative end of Flavio Melchiorre, who won the first prize in the Citroen Creative Awards, a design competition, which was launched in May last year to life. The Melchiorre DS3 will be offered in 2011 as one of the customization options of the French brand in the model. The Citroen Survolt Art Car is on display in the showroom showcase C 42 Champs Elysees in Paris, together with the new C4, DS3 Racing and DS4.Citroen Survolt Concept is the continuation of the exploration of distinctive and original electric vehicles Citroen revolt beginning unveiled at the IAA 2009 concept car. Citroen Survolt concept itself turns conventional wisdom on its head by a radically new vision, which is used in a mixture of high-fashion glamor and extravagance with motor racing punch.


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