Dacia 1300 2014

December 18th, 2013 · 0 Comments · Dacia

Dacia 1300 2014 – The first Dacia 1300 from the band on 23 August 1969. Dacia 1310 saloon, number 1.95973 million, the doors Mioveni unfolds production facility, just one month before their 35th Birthday. Dacia acquired the tools and the basic designs of the Renault 12th Most of the resulting cars were sold to consumers in the Communist Eastern European countries in the export markets, the car was known as Dacia 1300 2014.Minor cosmetic changes were made in an effort to increase every few years the public’s interest in purchasing a newer model, but the main design features of the car remain the same year after year, which is obsolete. Most of technological improvements during the year the car was produced, such as air conditioning and ABS brakes were never offered.

In 1979, the sedan in Dacia 1300 was launched, followed by a farm and in the next year. New versions of Dacia PickUp were introduced in 1981. In 1983, the range for the model year 1984 was a facelift. A coupe version of the car, the 1410 Sport, with two doors and a lowered ceiling, was also released in 1983. In 1985, the coupe utility was with drop side  pick up and introduced in 1987, the hatchback Dacia 1320. In 1989, production for the Dacia 1300 2014 facelift sedan and was, although recruitment continued until 1990. In 1989, a new generation Dacia 1300 2014 was launched in estate and sedan versions. It was a small change from the previous generation with new headlights. The hatchback named Dacia 1325 Liberta was introduced in 1990. The 1300 was 1990 and versions coupe utility in 1992 launched. A double cab version was introduced and also a King Cab version. The full facelift Dacia 1300 2014 was introduced in 1993. At the same time, the face-lifted 1325 Liberta added.

The interior has a modern, functional board that integrates several tools storage spaces, which are meant by intensive use. Radical forms of PCB increase the strength and tone color scheme has taken the door panels  depending on the version. Dacia Lodgy inherited  and the addition of multimedia navigation system Media is a modern, unmistakable high tech feel of the cabin is enhanced by the new design of the instruments. The latest generation of Dacia 1300 2014 was introduced in 1998 after the old one has fallen in the spring of 1998. The production was in version 2004. The utility coupe versions were removed in December 2006. The car passes Dacia 1300 2014. In an effort to keep up with modern standards, the latest version was equipped with fuel injection system and catalyst, which is achieved only Euro2 standards. Dacia was never a great comfort and a high performance car. However, had relatively low fuel consumption, it was easy to maintain and it was simple and reliable.


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