Dodge Challenger 2014

November 19th, 2013 · 0 Comments · Dodge

Dodge Challenger 2014 – While styling has a striking resemblance over the Dodge Challenger 2014 lineup, the contrast in execution between every model is significant. The Challenger looks the most amazing and stoutest of the muscle autos, keeping in mind its truly very little heavier it doesn’t drive with the freshness of the Camaro or the leanness of the Mustang. Those with an eye on the drag strip may likewise note that the Challenger’s powerful check weight and power fail to go the distance to the rivalry. The consolidation of a more extended wheelbase and to a degree additionally forgetting the suspension tune, particularly in V-6 structure, gives the Dodge Challenger 2014 all the more a “vicinity” out and about -and somewhat less exact. Part of that has to do with the Challenger’s controlling, which is essentially too light. Ride quality is greatly damped, and art models now offer an adjustable suspension with ordinary and game stun modes.

Accurate muscle-auto lovers may as well obviously jump for the R/t models, which pack a 375-pull Hemi V-8, on top of a throaty, exquisite thunder. In any case for the full monty of muscle-auto goodness you’ll have to get the Srt, with a “392” motor 6.4-liter that makes 470 pulls and 470 pound-feet of torque, with either a manual or an immediate transmission. At the most competitive end of the lineup, the Dodge Challenger 2014 Sxt has a 305-torque, 3.6-liter V-6 with 305 drive, accessible with a five-speed immediate. Challenger Rallye Redline models include a Sport Mode and guiding wheel paddle-shifters.

Dodge Challenger 2014 SXT

These models are truly fast, and focused with the base Mustang and Comaro, however they fail to offer the rocket-like push of the V-8 models. It could be not difficult to be down on the perceptible absence of progressions on the 2014 Dodge Challenger Srt. Of course, this is the Challenger, an auto that seems as though it could run the avenues throughout the 70s and still pass of as an up to date muscle maven. The column your-own-riggings choice is a no head off on the Dodge Challenger 2014 model, yet with the greater part of the clamor from V-6 purchasers needing a manual alternative, Dodge will probably consent in the following era. With respect to the V-8 models’ transmission, pay special mind to a 8-speed variant with oar shifters. A double grip framework might be superb, however its greatly improbable.


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