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Jaguar E type – Unlike the Jaguar E-Type, which recalls an era of Sinatra, McQueen and Bardot which are all distinguished owner of the E-Type defines the XJ Jaguar thresholds are designed so that in the days to tweak supply energy, with sophistication that mixed for all cars full of Jaguar.Jaguar E type is a British sports car, Jaguar Cars created in 1974. Beauty, high competitive price correction in 1960, the brand as a car icon. This type of marketing is more than 70,000. In March 2008, the Jaguar E types, a Daily Telegraph all the time in the world of online list first 100 most beautiful cars . In 2004, Sports Car International magazine is established number one on the top of the list the type of sports car in 1960.

Jaguar E type was initially designed and developed a form of two tourists rear-seat coupe and convertible as two public. A 2 2 four-seater coupe version with a lengthened wheelbase was released a few years later. Release Enzo Ferrari called it the most beautiful cars of all time. This kind of model is officially Series 2 and Series 3 and the time that the car will be called rather than Series 1 and Series 1 denotes media.Car Series 1 , Jaguar produced in limited edition designs, inspired by motorsport. Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1996, the design of the E-Type of the permanent design collection adds a blue bike, only six cars, get the recognized your interest award.After 24 hours of Le Mans in 1950, when the success of the company, died Jaguar racing department and style of type D to build a sports road that XK150 is a usage summary. The first prototype of a monocoque design, Jaguar independent suspension in the rear and engine functions to test XK . The vehicle is only for factory testing Uses and was officially released to the public. Finally abandoned car factory.

Jaguar E type concept was E2A which unlike E1A, a steel chassis with a body made of aluminum. It is a racing car like this car Jaguar at which it is completed, it will be a good test on the field. E2A Lucas fuel injection system to an engine XK version 3 liters. After retiring from Lemans race in North America for 24 hours, the pirate Briggs Cunningham Jaguar should be used. In 1961, the car Jaguar in England as a test mule. E2A by Roger Woodley heard on the basis of race car ownership, are used for the transfer. E2A was planned to be abandoned. Wife Penny Roger Griffiths 2008, when the owner of the E2A is for sale at Bonham Auction short.

Jaguar E type 2013

During the last twelve months, as a nation, we have never felt more patriotic. With the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games in the UK, which has left a real sense of well -being, instead. Just as the Jaguar E-Type ! When Enzo Ferrari once described as the most beautiful car of all time as. When you first start the Jaguar E type, The project was commissioned first scheduled, a team of internal competition, save to produce what they could, from a derelict car race, a Gran Turismo for the road. Step back from the seventies and the infamous run come from sports coupe version of the Jaguar came with a 5.3 liter V12 benchmark, which produces 240 hp and 300 torque motor lbs/F1 and took the fight directly to Ferrari and Lamborghini.


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