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December 13th, 2013 · 0 Comments · Jaguar

Jaguar XFR – The Jaguar XFR adds all-wheel drive and supercharged V 6 Models. To instinctively call -wheel drive, a boost management system active torque in the direction of the back, but can move to the front, to preemptively prevent slipping. Fuel efficiency, both engine and V models 8, to help, said Jaguar Auto Start / Stop, Smart Stop engine at stoplights and restart when you pick up the brakes. 2014 Jaguar XF engines will not disappear, but to be a small part of the crew. The 470 hp and 510 hp Supercharged XF Jaguar XFR continue their current engine and tires appeal combustion, low radar enthusiasts. The high performance Jaguar XFR is not completely abandoned. It gets a new speed ? ? Designed Pack option for FahrenthusiastenZug, chassis and aerodynamic improvements and the top speed to 174 mph. Infotainment and navigation in the Jaguar XFR is updated, including new Visual lane highway, dynamic zoom and my PDI functions to make more useful navigation screens. Jaguar also Meridian, a British company known for its new premium sound system for the audio components in high- end home. Fortunately, Jaguar appearance changes of the Jaguar XF.

In our review of the Jaguar lineup also look carefully weighted, direct address XF, brakes capable and spirited driving experience in general, but the point of the swoopy roofline and narrow rear seat more significant than its weakness. Consider the price of beauty. Based on the update of another part, so that the Jaguar XF for , do not expect to change the disadvantage. We want that the new powertrains and more extensive run of models will fundamentally expand the Xf’s offer outside the way of the extravagance store look longingly about the 2014 Jaguar Xf plan, however couldn’t exactly stomach the gas mileage. We recently had the chance to you what the 2014 Jaguar Xfr-S like before its planet opening at the Los Angeles Auto indicate, so now it ‘s opportunity to let you know what to age under his physique. Charged as ultra high-execution form of Xf arrangement is the 2014 Jaguar Xfr the speediest and most influential car arrangement taking into account Jaguar. It utilizes the same supercharged 5.0 -liter V8 as expanded 2014 Jaguar Xfr-S, processes more torque, 40 hp and 41 lb -ft of the standard V8 Xfr for what added up to 542hp and 502 lb -ft 680nm. A 8 speed programmed transmission with Quickshift control paddle drives the back wheels.

Jaguar XFR 2013

Jaguar cites a zero to 60 mph quickening time of 4.4 seconds1and a top speed electronically restricted to 186 mph1 a change of 0.3 seconds at 31 miles for every hour on the plain -Jane Xfr. Fuel utilization is equivalent to the Jaguar Xfr 2014, with 23 mpg thruway, which implies that no vigor assess on S model is quality. Jaguar says it has various significant power prepare with another half-waves a bigger focus to the drive shaft and transmits another torque converter uncovered to deal with the extra force. What’s more, the Jaguar Xfr debilitate framework displaced the inside suppressor with a X-cut and guide nearness of the funnels on the once more for a more combative sound.


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