Mercedes C Class 2014

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Mercedes C Class 2014 – Regardless of the possibility that the news spilled are still extremely little, what’s to come C-Class 2014 Mercedes hatchback may as well make the floor Rear drive Architecture Mra that will be utilized on the following era of the Teutonic vehicle while the wheelbase will have a size of 2844 mm. Notwithstanding the expansion in size, the new C-Class will have an easier weight than the variant that it reinstates something like 70 kg. With respect to the mechanical part, the Mercedes C Class 2014 entryway might as well gain the same motor that determination the vehicle variant. It begins from 1.6 liter fuel with 156 hp accompanied by the 2.0 liter declined in force from 184, 211 and 252 hp, while the following moves to the highest point of the reach with 3.0 liter V6 333 hp. As far as the well known diesel we will uncover the 2.2 liter Cdi accessible in 170, 204 and 231 hp. Vehicles makers from everywhere throughout the planet are occupying their sources and consideration towards the remarkably blossoming Asian auto market. The explanation for this change in the pattern is that the European and American economy which has eased off essentially because of the present emergency. Mercedes Benz too is attempting to hoard the Asian markets incorporating India.

Taking a gander at the Mercedes C Class 2014 we can say that it would appear that a down measured S class. This new C class is utilizing a Mra stage which will permit Mb to offer its prestigious 4 Matic wheel head to the right hand drive models. Mb has dependably lingered behind in offering 4 wheel drive framework to right hand drive models however now that will close with this C class. The auto will be longer by something like 100 mm and 80 mm on the wheelbase. So the new Mercedes C Class 2014  will have a generally speaking length of 4700 mm. Indeed with an expanded length, the auto will weigh around 70 kg less than the present model and will have a sum weight of not exactly 1,380 kg. The storage compartment limit in this model will most likely be around 500 liters. This Mercedes C Class 2014 will make an introduction at the Detroit Motor Show, set to be held in January one year from now. It is required to go at a bargain by the month of August in 2014. The auto will enter the business with different figure styles. The organization will start a roadster, a convertible, a cabriolet and a fitting  in crossover display by the year 2015. The module mixture model is said to have a 20 kw electric storage device offering a force yield of 27 bhp. The Mercedes C Class 2014  will be accessible with different motor choices. We will see a fuel run model, an electric controlled vehicle or a mix of both.

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Routine models will have a V6 4 barrel motors. The Mercedes C Class 2014 can have a 4 barrel motor of 1.6 liter limit offering a most extreme yield of 153 bhp or it can have a 4 chamber motor of 2 liter limit having a yield of 181 bhp. The Cdi 4 barrel motor with a 2.2 liter limit will produce a force of 168 bhp and 228 bhp. There will additionally be a V6 motor of 3 liter limit equipped for processing a force of 328 bhp. The top end variant, Amg form, is relied upon to have a V8 motor of 4 liter limit which will produce a force of some place around 456 bhp. This Mercedes C Class 2014 is set to be a greater number of open and rich than the present C class models. The auto is underwriting a recently planned front sash which is convey a bigger grille as well as the Mb emblem. The Mercedes C Class 2014 is likewise having snapped back Led headlights. The auto back has additionally been updated and gets new tail lights most likely from the S class. The inner parts too have been updated. It has another dashboard which has an overwhelming focal stack with round air vents and wood trim. The pictures which have been uncovered likewise show that the auto is lodging a grand infotainment framework plus an advanced control set above the  Command  handle. The auto may additionally offer more extra space to move around for the rearward sitting arrangements and a more amazing gear convey limit.


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