Opel Meriva 2014

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Opel Meriva 2014 – The new Opel Meriva 2014 is additionally accessible with a decision of three 1.4 liter gas motors. The commonly suctioned passage level form produces 74 kw. The turbo-charged offer 88 kw/120 hp and 103 kw/140 hp, and can both be furnished with a recently developed, low-rubbing six-speed programmed transmission with an Activeselect capacity permitting successive rigging choice through the movement lever. This blend of fuel motor programmed transmission is a stage up from the Opel Meriva’s beginning offering and is relied upon to draw in 15 to 20% of all clients. With respect to the 1.6 Cdti, all gas motors in the new Opel Meriva 2014 are as of now agreeable with the strict Euro 6 outflows regulation. The Lpg form of the new Opel Meriva 2014 is additionally as of recently Euro 6 agreeable. The 88 kw/120 hp, 1.4 Liter Turbo Lpg not just decreases Co2 discharges to around 121 grams for every kilometer, additionally cuts fuel fetches by very nearly half. Furthermore Lpg is not short of refueling chances: It is accessible at just about 30.000 stations crosswise over Europe.

Creative, flexible and stylish: The second era of the Opel Meriva, earlier in the Geneva Motor Show 2010 will set another standard for adaptability of the auto with an incomprehensible number of inventive characteristics intended to improve the adaptable utilization space. Also that is all in a notable and contemporary outline. Presently the second era Opel Meriva again increases present expectations for competitive, ready for. E ‘Flexspace framework was further advanced in a more instinctive and simple to utilize. It additionally has the Flexdoors, back pivoted back entryways, which expedite the house the first presentation of a maker of volume. What’s more, the new Meriva is a fantastic inside space to enhance the revolutionary thought of an adaptable focus comfort and the framework selective Flexfix Opel an incorporated back bike transporter, which is saved in the space box.opel Meriva adaptability of a brand is to fortify the expressive outside and inner part plan that presents Opel recompensed new sculptural dialect.

Mpv’s profile is liquid, rich and dynamic. Back window representation different wave exacerbated by Flexdoors better perceivability to the back pivoted back seat travelers, particularly kids. The point when the Opel Zafira and Opel Meriva 2014 Flex 7 seating thoughts are Flexspace has developed another kind of completely mixed, ready for, says Alain Visser, Vp of bargains, promoting and upkeep of the Opel / Vauxhall. The new Meriva needed to outline another industry standard auto flexibility. I see no other auto offers such a variety of thoughts that make life simpler.

In any case while that Focus had all the sex advance of a geriatric danseuse, this Astra completely looks the business. I cherish the low, dug in look of this auto; no dainty Golf Gti or fragile Peugeot, its a pumped-up middleweight boxer sitting menacingly low on 19-inch wheels 20s are advancing later not long from now, we listen. Plainly Opel subscribes to the school of configuration that a hot portal may as well appear as though its going to pound the various hot hatches and take their lunch cash, and the Astra Opc is the meanest child on town.
Opel Meriva 2014


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