Volkswagen Golf 2014

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Volkswagen Golf 2014 – The new Golf will go on sale in Europe later this year, but it will not come to America until 2014. However, specifications and versions of Europe announced closely predict what we expect from the new field when it finally arrives in the U.S. in. The Volkswagen Golf 2014 has a lighter chassis and spacious interior and a long list of new active safety functions. While the basic form of the course remains the same, the entire car is sharpened and tested.The nose has seen a narrow grille design, as in other laser straight Volkswagen new products and smaller headlights contribute to a front-end cross-eyed. A strong character line. While doors, handles centimeters under a door column C and leads to a slightly curved rear door, a pair of sharp, narrow dark folds taillights. Compared with the current Golf, the model is 2014 much sharper and straight lines.

Hatchback that weight loss was achieved despite Volkswagen adults. Is now 2.2 inches long, usually 167.5 inches and 70.8 cm wide, 0.5 cm total. This allows more space for legs and back 1.2 inches 0.6 inches more shoulder room inside. At the same time, the ceiling of 0.8 is lower and the front wheels 1.7 inches further forward than on the old golf developed translations for the new sports car look. The tailgate area grows over one cubic foot and the load height is low, making it easier to load cargo. Dimensional, is the seventh generation of the Golf in the immediate vicinity of the Ford Focus hatchback. The focus is about inches longer, but wider and taller than the new Volkswagen Golf 2014 pinch.Volkswagen Golf 2014 wins and Lane Assist, the cameras can be used to determine if the driver is off track. If so, the system vibrates the steering wheel and the car goes back into the reserved channel. A fatigue detection system sounds an alarm when it detects a drowsy driver Light Assist uses a camera on the headlights to avoid dazzling other drivers. The system uses a rolling diaphragm for low beam to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic and automatically to low beam when necessary. Other devices that are already on the golf course in Europe adaptive suspension,, self parking and the Start button.

Volkswagen says the Volkswagen Golf 2014 is 23 percent more fuel than the current model, an improvement in weight reduction and aerodynamic. In Europe, the automaker is with a golf course with a new fuel-efficient 140 hp turbocharged inline four- cylinder expected 1.4 liter is the equivalent of 41 mpg. It is expected that the diesel for the economy equal to 52 miles per gallon again. The U.S. market is not known, these efficient engines, but golf is to be a choice of at least three motors. The Power of Five 2.5 -liter engine is more efficient to replace four, updated with a diesel 2.0 -liter turbo for the Golf TDI, the 1.8 -liter turbo. The Volkswagen Golf 2014 gas engine should last the new benchmark of 40 mpg on the highway, the diesel to overcome while in his current rating of 42 mpg EPA. If the next generation of the GTI will be announced at a later date, the turbocharged 2.0-liter petrol four is repeated, but with significant changes are expected to increase power to 250 hp.

Fortunately, we have a long wait, the 2014 Volkswagen Golf seen in the U.S. The new car will probably not come in showrooms until early 2014 here and if it is the case, the new Golf may lack some of the climbers in Europe. Since you have to import the Volkswagen Golf is under strong pressure to keep the price of the car. And ack segment is usually very sensitive to price, Volkswagen engines usually not efficient and bring new technologies to our shores, golf. Remains to be seen what the new device for the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf will be offered in 2014 in the United States.

Volkswagen Golf 2014

Volkswagen Golf 2014


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