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Volkswagen GTI – The Volkswagen GTI is one of the cars of the implementation of the most popular budget that are sold in the United States. For over 25 years, Volkswagen has been taking its input level, the two-door hatchback model economy car special in a GTI and adding a more powerful engine and brakes, a sport suspension and special interior and exterior parts. The result is a practical car, even driving is fun and desirable.Original Volkswagen Rabbit GTI stormed American shores for 1983 and has been widely used for the preparation of the hot hatch market segment credited niche-oriented. Although many of the specifications of the original GTI, do not appear particularly large by modern standards its 1.8 -liter engine of 90 hp has for example, a light and nimble revelation for many consumers who used American sports coupes was bulky and low power.

Since then, there have been five generations of the Golf based VW Rabbit or GTI and some were later considered as an alternative. The latest model is an evolution of the previous generation, as was the form of a return to the nameplate. Shoppers likely to do on a used GTI some research to determine for them to want the most appropriate model year.The GTI is a performance-oriented version of the Volkswagen Golf and as such is in two and ViertürerKarosserievarianten. VW make many modifications to the GTI to improve the performance and distinctiveness. For performance, has a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, the. Capable of 200 horsepower and 207 pound-feet of torque motor A six-speed manual transmission is standard and sends power to the front wheels. A dual-clutch automated manual called DSG Direct Shift Gearbox is optional.The Volkswagen GTI is in the list with a really elegant cabin and a high level of features that seems to make the car almost like a luxury car from. Standard equipment includes heated front sports seats, elegant tartan upholstery, Bluetooth and an audio system with eight speakers and a head unit touch screen interface and iPod. Options include 18 -inch wheels with or without summer tires, Sunroof, Bi Xenon, a system of high-quality audio, a navigation system and leather upholstery. There is also a setting that motorway leather, sunroof, keyless entry and special seating Contains.

In reviews, the GTI won high praise for its well- rounded nature and is regarded as one of the leaders of the class. While not the strongest or the most aggressive handling for high-speed, tuned GTI outweighs defect with a comfortable ride, excellent fuel economy, plenty of interior space for elegant, reasonably priced and the above-mentioned high quality cabin.The current sixth generation GTI was introduced in 2010. Compared to the previous generation, this model offers an updated style, additional interior refinement and new features.The sooner, the fifth-generation Volkswagen GTI mid 2006 model has been introduced. Featured improvements in this generation include a stiffer body structure and independent suspension. The 2006 model, while the four- door came the following year only.As the current GTI, the previous generation was powered by a turbocharged four- cylinder 200 horsepower engine, even though it is technically a different motor. A six-speed manual transmission is standard and optional DSG transmission. In performance testing, we meet this GTI from zero to 60 mph.

Standard features include 17- inch alloy wheels, bi-xenon headlights, sports seats, upholstered tartan and a stereo system with 10 speakers, six-disc CD changer and AUX connection ’07. Inch wheels, a sunroof, automatic climate control, heated front seats, leather seats, Navigation system DVD, satellite radio and iPod interface rudimentary Optional 18 are. The changes were few. For only 2007, you can add along with several luxury features also the setting Fahrenheit orange color, a sport suspension and special 18- inch wheels. Changes in small appliances occurred thereafter, including a lower height for better handling in 2008 along with highway package adds details such as a sunroof, premium audio system, leather and heated front seats. Available offered A Thunder Bunny package for 2009 sporty exterior design elements, such as a front spoiler and a rear apron.

In the reviews confirm that Volkswagen GTI brought the car back to the glory years as an option for honest to goodness performance. It was more comfortable than most of its competitors, which could be a disadvantage for some and a bonus for others. We were quality interior, smooth and efficient drive systems and the manipulation of praise. If you can not afford a new GTI, this model of the previous generation is close enough to leave you satisfied.The fourth generation GTI was produced for model years 1999 to 2006. Buyers should be aware that often overlaps VW models for their generation GTI both the fourth and fifth generation Volkswagen GTI for model year 2006, for example sold. The fourth generation of the Volkswagen GTI debuted in two trim levels GLS and GLX. The GLS had a 2.0-liter 115 hp and could have with a manual or automatic transmission. The GLX came with a cylinder VR6 and a manual transmission. The following year, Volkswagen GTI replaced the 2.0 -liter engine in the GLS with a much sportier turbocharged 1.8 -liter engine the 1.8T produces 150 hp.

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Overall, the fourth generation GTI was less sporty than other competing models of their time. This is especially true in terms of reflexes and handling, as the car had a relatively naive chassis and a slightly high weight. He replied with a versatile interior and top quality, however. GTI model years 2002 and newer would be preferable as it. More standard equipment and more power 180 hp to 200 hp 1.8T and VR6 for VW also offered some special models for this generation the 2002 337 GTI, as the twentieth anniversary GTI 2003 and GTI R32, which was rare with all-wheel drive and a 240 horsepower 3.2 -liter V6.The third generation of the Volkswagen GTI was available from 1994 ’99. For this model is not as desirable as other generations because of its anemic motor base. Although again Zweitürerauf basis of the Gulf, the boring debuted with only 2.0 liters. In 1995, the VR6 172 hp went into production with the 2.0 liter, which is to have.The GTI in the early 1990s was part of the second generation of the car. Cars from this period had two versions of a 2.0 liter engine the most coveted was a 16-valve version that produces 131 hp. Although the car is not quite as much enthusiasm to produce as the original Rabbit Volkswagen GTI, which surpassed in many ways and could be considered before began to focus more on comfort and amenities the last of the agile VW GTI.


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