Volkswagen Polo

December 29th, 2013 · 0 Comments · Volkswagen

Volkswagen Polo – Volkswagen has the top of the fifth age group Polo at the Geneva Motor Show. Although the new covenant is greater and more powerful than its predecessor, the Polo weighs 7.5% less, offers solid fuel economy and even lower emissions. The new design has a striking resemblance to the sixth age group Scirocco and Golf. The Volkswagen Polo design team has VW track 57.6 stretched. Front and 57.3 in. back to give a wider stance. The Polo also grows in length by 1.4. in width from 1.2 drop in the amount of 0.5 -in. But. These changes have the head, shoulders and legs stuck-up as a result, but an undisclosed sum. The interior also gets white dials with backlight and aluminum highlights. Customers can opt for a glove with air conditioning, MP3 capability and satellite steering system with touch screen. New to the curriculum are a Volkswagen Polo engine 105 hp 1.2 liter turbo petrol and 1.6 -liter BlueMotion diesel engine, the latter displacement of the 1.4-liter TDI. Volkswagen says the new diesel 90 hp 74 mpg combined restore UK 62 mpg and emits 96 g/km of CO2. Moreover, the second age group VW BlueMotion diesel engine will publish in 2010, which will continue to automatically increase the mileage on the start-stop system and regenerative braking. All engines are equipped with a five or six speed manual gearbox, unfilled with a sevenspeed Doppelkupplungswahlweisein 80 -horsepower 1.4 liter engine. Production of the new Polo will start this summer and the customers can expect that they will receive in October. We tend to see the new Polo across the pond in the not too unsociable future. The Volkswagen Polo is certainly a very nice car and maybe a shiny VW. The Volkswagen Polo brand is to add a small flash in the front of the car in the middle of the chrome grille and two horizontal rails. The rear spoiler ordered with a fit style and houses the third brake light. The diesel Polo TDI is marked on the back, just between the characteristics of gasoline and diesel Polo. The Volkswagen Polo is unfilled in three trim levels, namely the trend line Comfort and Highline.Common for all variants, the tilt steering wheel and exterior mirrors manually adjustable telescopic adjustment, the Polo is a case in two colors. You have the upper half of the dashboard in a strong black plastic and the bottom is brown and blends perfectly with the design platform door. Volkswagen Polo Black Here are many well-known pieces of the beholder. Some leaders, buttons, switches on the part of the huge group of VW shares “m, that”s not necessarily a terrible thing and that all is well and excellent quality feel to them. The Polo has two motors for the moment, both are 75bhp, three-cylinder, 1.2 liter ! The essence, but, is 5400 rpm 1198cc 75bhp and 110Nm of torque 3750 rpm boxes. Both engines come with a five-speed manual 1.2litre and European cars are known for ride and handling and were always treated as a hard drive a huge fan of the VW Group and. Engineers have the Volkswagen Polo Cup of the North Pole, that says it all developed. The games can be on a framework ensures that the structure of the tower was designed for much more than what they are subjected to. The Volkswagen Polo has a fantastic quality sedan with a legendary brand. It has many things in shift for.


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