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Volkswagen – Volkswagen has put together three cars on the list of 10 best-selling cars of all time from the website 24/7 Wall Street, the Volkswagen Golf, the Volkswagen Beetle and Volkswagen Passat. With these three cars, Volkswagen has the most cars of all car manufacturers in the list that are still being made. Volkswagen ranked first in spending the most money of all car in research and development from the year 2011.Volkswagen was originally founded in 1937 by the Nazi trade union, the r Front German Labour Front. In the early industry is still largely composed of luxury models and the rarely could afford something more than a motorcycle. As a result only one German 50 it had. Seeking a potential new market, some car manufacturers people’s car projects started Mercedes 170H independent, AutoBahn Eagle, Steyr 55, Hanomag 1,3 L, among others.

The trend is not new, as Béla Barényi is accused of the basic design in the middle of 1920 designed credited. Josef whole developed the Standard Superior even to the extent of advertising as German Volkswagen. In Germany, the company produces the masses Hanomag 2/10 PS Kommisbrott a little ass, cheap car, from 1925 to 1928. Also, in Czechoslovakia, the Hans wrote Ledwinka Tatra T77, a very popular car amongst the German elite, was affordable at each revision. Ferdinand for luxury cars and racing cars, had been trying for years, a manufacturer interested in a suitable car for a small family. He felt small cars at the right time you have been deprived of the great cars. Instead of a car called the people’s car from the beginning, in 1931, was the use of many ideas in circulation at the time and several of their own, so that a car built by air, torsion bar suspension with a rear -cooled engine and a way, bug the rounded hood for better aerodynamics necessary because it had a small motor.In 1933, many of the above still early in development or in production projects, Adolf Hitler was involved, capable of transporting two adults and three children at 100 km/h 62 mph requires the production of a base vehicle. Hopes that German citizens have equal access to a car like the Americans. The people’s car would be through a savings scheme at 990 Reichsmark U.S. $ 396 in 1930 U.S. dollars for the price of a small motorcycle an average income lies with the citizens of the Third Reich 32RM a week.

The company owes its existence to the post-war era largely to one man, Major Ivan Hirst, REME. In April 1945, KdF Stadt and its factory bombed by the Americans captured and then passed to the British in their occupation zone fell and mill town. The factories were born under the control of Oldham Hirst placed. Originally, the plan for the maintenance of military vehicles was used and may be dismantled and shipped to Britain. for military production and had been a political animal rather than a commercial enterprise in the words of Hirst which in terms of the Potsdam Agreement in charge technically it for destruction the device was in time intended as war reparations be recovered. Policy disassembly of the Allies changed in late 1946 to although heavy industry continued to be dismantled until 1951. factory cars green and demonstrated it to British Army headquarters. Short light transport, in September 1945 the British Army was persuaded to place a significant order for 20,000. The first few to personnel from the occupying forces and the USPS.

Despite heavy lobbying in favor of one of the existing projects, it soon became clear that the private sector is not a car for only 990RM. That is why Hitler, a new factory, state design of Ferdinand Porsche Sponsor with some of the design limitations of Hitler, which includes an air cooled engine, so it can freeze anything decided. The intention was that ordinary Germans would buy the car by means of a savings plan. If you want to drive your own car, which around 336,000 people eventually into paid. Savings these 336,000 people were captured by the Russians in 1945, when they captured in Berlin. Prototypes of the car as a force KdF Wagen by joy, appeared from 1936 onwards the first cars had been produced in Stuttgart. The car already round shape and air-cooled engine, flat four, rear. The VW car was just one of many KdF programs which included things such as tours and excursions. The prefix Volks was applied not only to automobiles, but also to other products in Germany, the People’s Radio radio receiver for instance. The 28 May 1937, the Company became the preparation of the German Volkswagen mbH sometimes abbreviated Gezuvor founded by the German Labour Front. Later Volkswagenwerk GmbH on 16 Was called September 1938.



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