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Volvo Logo – SKF reactivated a company that had lain dormant for the purpose since 1920, when the decision to start production of Volvo in August 1926, took Kullagerfabriken Svenska financier. The name of this company was VOLVO and in 1915 for the manufacture and sale of bearings for the automotive industry Made.Some smart member of the SKF management had come up with the VOLVO name. Not only was the, it was easy to pronounce in most places in the world and with minimal risk for spelling errors. And the best part was the immensely strong symbolic connection in all business processes.Authentic is the infinitive of the verb roll in Latin.

In the first person singular is the verb volvere , volvo, ie I roll.The Latin form gives rise to several derivations of the word to describe in one way or another in many languages, a rotary motion, such as the revolver.When put into operation, which were described as follows Ball bearings, roller bearings, machine, gear, automobiles, bicycles, vehicles, transport equipment, transportation of all kinds, parts and accessories above products.All these things did not come true, but a number of Volvo Logo and other material handling equipment have produced in recent years. Some other products that also performed the Volvo brand name are such oddities as producer gas and office chairs. And the name nor the company’s business fits perfectly.While Volvo was the old chemical symbol for iron, a circle with an arrow diagonally up to the right, as adopted the logo enabled.This is one of the oldest and most common ideograms in Western culture and originally stood for the planet Mars in the Roman Empire. Can like any bird watchers say because it also symbolizes the Roman god of war, Mars and the male sex, an early relationship between the Mars symbol and the metal from which most weapons were made founded at the time, of iron.

As such, the ideogram has long been the symbol of the iron industry, especially in Sweden. Had the iron plate on the car, to take these symbols and associations with the old traditions of the Swedish iron industry steel and strength with properties such as safety, durability. The new car also got its name VOLVO in their own typeface, Egyptian written.Today, the for a brand that exudes modern and exciting design and has a strong emotional connection with customers.The logo was supplemented with a diagonal band across the radiator and the first car in April 1927. The band was necessity to keep the chrome badge in position, but gradually developed it more of a decorative symbol. It is still through the lattice of all Volvo vehicles. But now you can also find the iron symbol in a slightly modernized in the center of the wheel and make the wheel hubs and all communication materials such as advertisements, brochures, letterheads, websites, merchandise and so in succession.

Volvo Logo


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